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Maxxis Revolution Takes a Leap Forward with the Victra Sport 5

Maxxis launched their new Victra Sport 5 at The Tire Cologne exhibition in Germany during a well-attended press launch on the first day of the event. The new tyre becomes the latest in the tyre manufacturer’s latest generation of products to challenge the status quo by delivering all the performance of premium brand alternatives, but at a much lower cost.

Comprehensive tests carried out by independent test body TÜV SÜD in April 2018 highlighted that the Victra Sport 5 matched up well against its premium brand alternatives, yet the tyre will be priced to be highly affordable in line with the rest of the ever expanding Maxxis range.

Commenting on the TÜV SÜD results and launch of the Victra Sport 5, Maxxis UK managing director, Derek McMartin, states: “The independent TÜV results are truly incredible, although not all together a surprise for anyone associated with Maxxis. The research and development teams have been meticulous when creating the Victra Sport 5, with any perceived room for improvement exploited to its full extent.”

McMartin continued, “we’ve seen a zero compromise approach to enhance all areas of the tyre’s performance, and that has really paid dividends for us – as it will for dealers and motorists.”

“Just to equal the more expensive alternatives would have been a great achievement, but to surpass them on almost all criteria has given everyone a tremendous sense of pride in the amazing progress we’re making.”

The technological advancements of the Victra Sport 5 are a result of Maxxis’ heavy and continuous investment into research and development programmes, as well as its establishment of cutting-edge production facilities.

McMartin explained during the press launch that manufacturer has 13 test centres and circuits in and around Shanghai to aid this development process. He substantiates, “research and development is at the heart of everything we do and with our 13 test centres and circuits located nearby to Shanghai it goes hand in hand with the work that our engineers do to continually develop our products.”

This commitment to excellence is now enabling the to utilise market leading design, technology and materials to create products like the new Victra Sport 5, which deliver performance levels in all weather conditions that are at least comparable to some of the leading products in today’s market.

The new developments of the Victra Sport 5 have resulted in increased handling performance delivered by improved tensile strength, while at the same time lowering levels of deformation at high speed whilst maintaining rolling comfort.

The new tyre compound, which includes highly dispersible silica, 4th generation functionalised polymers, high structure carbon black, special reinforced fillers and a new tread design, has again improved dry and wet performance without compromising rolling resistance, and made the Victra Sport 5 more durable than its predecessors.

McMartin summarised the impact of the Victra Sport 5 for Maxxis in the press conference, “this new tyre really is a revelation for us and is part of a new generation for us. We firmly believe it will upset the status quo and make people look differently at Maxxis.”

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