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Mercedes AMG Equips C43 with Continental Tyres

Mercedes-​AMG is continuing to fit premium Continental tyres as original equipment.   

Mercedes-AMG Selects Continental Tyres for C43 

Factory-​approved for the C43, the high-​performance 18″ SportContact 7 is designed for speeds of up to 300 km/h and comes with the XL marking for enhanced load capacity. The tyres carry the sidewall marking MO1, which appears on all the tyres developed specially for AMG. Continental developed this UUHP (Ultra Ultra High Performance) tyre specially for vehicles with sporty attributes as well as for super sports cars. With its special rubber compound, the SportContact 7 offers optimum road grip. Compared with its predecessor, the SportContact 6, mileage on the racetrack is increased by 10 per cent, wet braking distances are reduced by 8 per cent, dry braking distances are reduced by 6 per cent and the service life is extended by 17 per cent.

The SportContact 7 features an adaptive tread design, which is capable of adjusting to wet or dry road surfaces. This ensures precision handling and maximum safety also at high speeds. This is made possible by the innovative tread design. When the vehicle is driving straight ahead, the tyre’s “footprint” ends at the point of highest water drainage in the tread, ensuring outstanding grip during braking, acceleration and cornering on wet roads. When the vehicle corners on dry asphalt, the “footprint” shifts to the outer shoulder, which is designed to transmit extremely high forces to ensure stable handling. New “locking elements” in the outer shoulder further enhance stability because they enable only limited movement of the tread and so ensure superior ride stability. 

This premium tyre was recently put to the test in the “Ultra Ultra High Performance Mini Tyre Test 2022” organised by the automotive magazine Auto Express. This year in the UK alone, this was the fifth tire test in which the SportContact 7 came out on top. The high-​performance tyre also won the (U)UHP summer tyre test organised by the specialist car magazine sportauto. For the first time ever in a tyre test, the editorial team awarded the rating “outstanding.” Auto Bild, too, in its (U)UHP summer tyre test, described the SportContact 7 as “vorBILDlich”. The SportContact 7 not only scores highly in independent tyre tests but also sets standards when it comes to form, function and design. 

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