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Michelin Malaysia Outlines 2018 Milestones and Future Plans

Michelin Malaysia recorded a 6-per cent growth in tyre deliveries despite the challenging business environment.

Michelin Malaysia Shares Business Updates

Michelin Malaysia shared its key 2018 milestones, business activities and future plans with the local media during a recent press event.

Michelin has been with the Malaysian market since 1998. Ever since we entered the market, Michelin Malaysia focused on the importation, marketing, distribution and sales of Michelin tyres for cars, trucks and buses, and motorcycles. This included the BFGoodrich tyres that were officially introduced to the local market in 2016,”said Pascal Nouvellon,Managing Director for Michelin in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

The company recorded a 6-per cent growth in tyre deliveries despite the challenging business environment. Of this, car, bus and truck tyres contributed to 85 per cent of total deliveries while motorcycles tyres contributed to 15 per cent.

“We also provided tyre and vehicle services through a nationwide network of 200 distributors, including Tyreplus, Michelin Service Centres and Michelin Truck Service Centres, of which 54 were Tyreplus outlets, in 2018. This success is also reflected in a customer satisfaction survey we conducted wherein Michelin was the most recommended tyre brand among 8 other tyre brands. We also earned the Silver award in the Putra Brand Awards for the most preferred brand in the Automotive Fuel & Lubricants category.”

Being a committed world leader to road safety, he continued, improving road safety for everyone was also a priority for the company. In June last year, the company conducted Michelin Safe on Road (MSOR) initiative in conjunction with the Hari Raya festivities as part of the Michelin Caring Campaign. Michelin trucks travelled across the Klang Valley region to provide free tyre checks daily to ensure Malaysians ‘balik kampung’ safely with the best tyre conditions. The company also collaborated with Petron to educate close to 6,000 university students from 5 universities in the country on tyre safety and maintenance skills.

In products, Michelin Malaysia launched 2 new tyres – the all-terrain LTX Force tyre that offers versatile performance for both on-road city commute and off-road journeys as well as the Michelin Primacy 4.   

“We would partner with Petron once again to continue raising awareness on the importance of basic tyre safety and maintenance among young Malaysians. In products, we would introduce a key tyre product that is targeted at 60 per cent of the mass market in Malaysia. Riding on our ‘Safe When New, Safe When Worn’ commitment, this new tyre product would provide the same long-lasting performance as the Primacy 4. It would be launched during a regional event at the Sepang Circuit in June. In addition, we would launch a tyre for luxury SUVs and roll out our Michelin Pilot Sport Experience campaign to once again offer dealers, influencers and media from around the region and beyond the opportunity to join in the thrill of motor sport excitement and sheer driving pleasure.”

He also announced the company’s acquisition of PT Multistrada Arah Sarana TBK, an Indonesia tyre manufacturer that produces the Achilles tyre brand for cars, SUVs and light trucks as well as the Corsa motorcycle tyres.

Globally, Nouvellon said, the company celebrated 120th anniversary of the Michelin Man, one of the most recognised brand icons in the world. In this connection, Bibendum was named ‘Icon of the Millennium’ by Advertising Week in the US.

“We are very honoured to be ranked the most valuable tyre brand by Brand Finance following a 30-per cent brand value growth over 2018,” he added.

Other figures as of 2017 that he revealed included Michelin marketing presence in 171 countries, 190 million tyres manufactured in 69 plants in 17 countries, and 14 per cent of global market share in the tyre segment, which landed the company €21.5 billion in net sales.




马来西亚米其林近日在记者会上与本地媒体分享其2018年的主要里程碑 、业务活动及未来计划。

米其林马来西亚、新加坡、印尼及汶莱董事总经理努韦伦( Pascal Nouvellon)表示:“米其林早在1998年就已经登陆大马。自从进入大马市场以来,马来西亚米其林专注于米其林汽车、卡车、巴士及摩托车轮胎的进口、行销、经销及销售。这包括2016年正式引入马来西亚市场的百路驰(BF Goodrich)轮胎。

尽管商业环境充满挑战,米其林轮胎交付量增长了6%汽车和卡车轮胎占了总交付量的 85%而摩托车轮胎则占了15%。

我们也透过全国200家代理组成的零售网络,其中包括Tyreplus 米其林服务中心及米其林卡车服务中心提供轮胎与汽车服务。2018年的Tyreplus就有54家。该公司的成功更是反映在客户满意度调查中,米其林是其他8个轮胎品牌中最受推荐的轮胎品牌。我们还获得了Putra品牌,汽车燃料及润滑油类别首选品牌银奖。”

他接着说,作为立志于道路安全的世界领袖,改善每一个人的道路安全,也是该公司的首要任务。去年6月,该公司配合开斋节主办了米其林关怀运动(Michelin Caring Campaign) ,作为Michelin Safe onRoad (MSOR)的一部分。米其林卡车更是在巴生谷地区穿行,每天提供免费轮胎检查,以确保马来西亚人以最佳的轮胎状况展开回乡之旅。该公司还与Petron合作,为5所马来西亚大学多达6000名学生,提供有关轮胎安全与维修技能的知识。

在产品方面,马来西亚米其林推出了两款新轮胎–具有多功能,适用穿梭于城市和越野的全路形LTX Force和米其林Primacy 4轮胎。

我们将再次与Petron合作,继续提高大马年轻人对基本轮胎安全与维护重要性的意识。我们会推出一个针对60%马来西亚大众市场的关键轮胎产品。这款新轮胎产品将继续坚守“Safe When New, Safe When Worn”的承诺,提供与Primacy 4同样持久的性能。我们会在6月于雪邦赛车场的区域性活动中发布该产品。 此外,米其林也将推出适合豪华休旅车(SUV)的全新轮胎,并为代理、具有影响力者及来自此区域的媒体推出Michelin Pilot Sport Experience,让他们有机会参与紧张刺激的汽车运动和享受驾驶乐趣。” 

他也宣布米其林收购了PT Multistrada Arah Sarana TBK ,一家生产Achilles汽车、休旅车及轻型卡车轮胎和Corsa摩托车轮胎的印尼轮胎制造商。


 “我们的品牌价值在2018年增长30%之后,很荣幸地获得品牌财经( Brand Finance)评价为最有价值的轮胎品牌。”他补充说。







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