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Nankang Introduces Two New Patterns at CITEXPO 2017

Nankang CITEXPO 2017
Taking centre stage at Nankang’s booth in the recent CITEXPO 2017 were two new tyres –Nankang Conqueror AT-5 and Cross Sport SP-9.

Nankang Unveils Two New Patterns at CITEXPO 2017

“The AT-5 is built to handle a variety of conditions and capable of handling any off-road terrain while maintaining respectable road manners; Suitable for pickups, SUVs, crossovers and other 4x4s. Its zigzag grooves provide traction on all terrain including muddy, gravel or snowy roads, and enhance the tyre’s driving ability on rugged and rough roads,” said Taka Lu from the Export Department of Nankang Ru...

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