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New Developments in the Third Online Episode of TOTY: Agriculture in 4D

The third episode of TOTY has decided on the theme Agriculture 4D, which is designed for those studying and designing tractors of the future. With some instead terming the event ‘Industry 4.0 in the field’ based on the fieldwork mixed with the technology innovation. The result is a new form of agriculture, working to improve both the yield and sustainability of harvests, including in the produce and transformation quality, as well as the working conditions. 

Episode #3 of BKT’s TOTY Is Here 

With digital technologies growing rapidly, the date available cross-references environmental, climatic, and land-related factors. This enables farmers to take targeted action, carrying out work more effectively while respecting time frames. Thanks to the data which the software systems installed on machinery in the field feedback, it is now possible to track and certify produce from the field to the transformation industry. 

Precision agriculture in recent years helps match an increasing awareness of the sustainable goals for the planet, based on the rising population and demands for food leading to the agricultural sector being at the heart of the sustainable global economy. 

“There will be a future crisis if there is no global push for sustainability,” argues Piero Torassa, Field Engineer of BKT Europe, in the episode. She adds: “Technology, similarly to finance or infrastructure, must support this crucial process of change. The tire industry too can play a part in this process, by creating products which do not damage the land, for example, or by reducing the carbon footprint of materials, activities which BKT has already been engaged in for years. Besides this, the collaboration with partners in the original equipment sector and in the aftermarket helps us be ready to find the best solutions for our customers; the challenges will increasingly be in terms of growth not in regard to our competitors, if we all want to contribute to sustainable development.” 

Worldwide, there have been numerous studies on start-ups working on developing applications for Agriculture 4.0, in Europe, North and Central America, Asia and Australia. The scientific community believe the revolution in Agriculture 4.0 will come from the emerging sector of agricultural machinery, something closely aligned to the food chain, and will lead to the sustainable management of crops. In short, BKT are talking of the tractor of the future, which the TOTY 2021 jury must unearth. 

The profile of the tractor of the future will be that of a machine which transforms into a real digital connection system. In the cabin, which includes self-driving vehicles, drivers will have the highest level of comfort and be able to use at least three monitors, which will provide real-time data on weather conditions, for example, GPS and sensors will send the information. On the ground, the technology will consequently be adapting the ideal tire pressure and with consumption electric engines are being studied for their viability. Finally, the technology will forecast working times for usage accurately. 

“The situation is clear” – concludes Piero Torassa of BKT. “Now we are focusing on what will happen after, changing our very outlook on the future, increasingly sharing a green approach. A logical consequence of this approach for us has been, for example, the launch of in-house carbon production last year.” 

For BKT, however, the green approach is nothing new as it has studied and created specific tires, which, with their differing characteristics depending on the surface and work being undertaken by the machinery, help reduce soil compaction; the BKT AGRIMAX radial tire range has been created to meet the needs of Agriculture 4.0. In some models in particular Increased Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) technologies have been applied. 

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