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New Giti Tires Debuted in Malaysia at The Departure – Giti Grand Gateway Event

Giti Tires Malaysia Gateway Event

Giti Tire recently hosted a major passenger car dealers night in Malaysia to celebrate the launch of the company’s new products.

GitiSport S2 and GitiSynergy H2 Now Available in Malaysia

The Departure – Giti Grand Gateway was the theme of the event held at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Kuala Lumpur and gathering dealers from around the country. Aside from showing appreciation to dealers and launching new products, Giti also provided a virtual tour of its global facilities to the group.

Giti’s new showcased products include the GitiSport S2 and GitiSynergy H2. The recently debuted premium GitiSport S2 UHP tyre comprises overall performance and innovative design, targeting higher levels of precise control. The pattern design and latest compound technologies help deliver a 5 per cent improvement in wet and dry braking and handling. It also offers a 14 per cent increase in aquaplaning resistance compared with the previous model. The tyre also delivers around 10 per cent more mileage in normal driving conditions……

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全新佳通轮胎于大马Giti Grand Gateway活动首发亮相


这个以The Departure–Giti Grand Gateway为主题,假吉隆坡君悦酒店盛大举行的活动,聚集了来自全国各地的轮胎代理商。除了向代理商表示感谢和推出新产品外,佳通还借此机会带领与会者虚拟参观其全球设施。

佳通展示的新产品包括 GitiSport S2 和 GitiSynergy H2。近日推出的优质 GitiSport S2 超高性能轮胎具有整体性能和创新设计,旨在实现更高水平的精确超控。该款轮胎的花纹设计和最新的复合胶技术,有助于将干湿制动和操控性能提高 5%。与之前的型号相比,这款轮胎的抗打滑能力增加了14% 。在正常的驾驶条件下,它的行驶里程也提升了约10%…..


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