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New Webmax B2B System Aims to Help Tyre Wholesalers

Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd has successfully earned its reputation in the automotive workshop and tyre retailing industry with its eMaxOnline system. It has 18 years of industry experience in development on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and building cost-effective web-based workplace solutions.

B2B Webmax System Aiming to Aid Wholesalers

The system – described as a quick and user-friendly, truly web-based ordering, invoicing, stock controlling and accounting software – is applicable to many industries, including retreading, trading, wholesaling and transportation. However, it is particular popular among automotive workshop operators, tyre and rim retailers and wholesalers. These include familiar names such as tyre wholesalers Hoe Guan Pin Kee Sdn Bhd and Emkay Tyre Auto Services Sdn Bhd, automotive service workshops like AT&T Tayar Sdn Bhd, Eng Hing Air-Cond & Auto Repair Sdn Bhd (6 branches) and Wing Hing Tyres Auto Services Sdn Bhd (7 branches), to name a few.

To-date, the company has more than 500 customers who purchased the system and more than 50 customers under its rent package, whereby the system is hosted by the company with monthly rental fees varying according to the number of account users with unlimited device access.

“Two to three years back, we added a consolidated feature to the eMaxOnline system that allowed users to view sales, stock and gross profit of their respective companies with a single window for convenience and easy viewing. Unlike previously, users had to open a few windows to view all the data,” said Business Director Yap Seong Kok.

Successful companies never stop improving and developing their products and services, and the same goes for Webmax Technologies. Yap and his business partner, who heads their programming team in Singapore, recently unveiled their new Webmax B2B system.

“Today’s wholesale environment is fast paced and highly competitive. Customers require 24/7 access to view products and inventory for instant quote and purchasing. To stay ahead of competition, they need to improve business efficiency. Tyre retailing and wholesaling are among the last hold-outs in embracing modern e-commerce business models and we believe that if they deploy our Webmax B2B system, they will benefit from its wealth of online functionality.”

Administration costs can be dramatically reduced, he continued, especially in telesales, order processing, pricing, promotion, sales performance, stock management, incentive management and report. With the Webmax B2B system, these functions could be carried out in real time with far greater accuracy and consistency compared to manual systems. They could also benefit from the time saved and ease of use as well as keeping the manual input to a minimum.

“It has a clean, easy to understand and use navigation menu. We have both mobile and desktop view versions; there is no need for users to scroll or swipe half a mile in whichever direction to view the various section of a page. This makes it extremely convenient and user friendly.”

The system, he added, allowed the wholesaler to choose customers that they wanted to invite onto the platform as well as control the data and information that the customers could see on the system. These B2B customers could sign into the system and look through product offerings and prices before placing an order via the system, which is efficient and time saving. In short, system users are said to achieve faster ordering and delivery, up to date pricing information and better use of staff as well as eliminate endless phone calls for enquiries on prices, order, stock as well as delivery.

“The users can also design and display their promotions, and upload promotion image files or pdf files to the system. In addition, it can provide users a graphic representation of sales data to identify performance and achieve a more accurate judgment and analysis based on the sales information. This includes monthly sales charts, monthly sales chart by brand, top 10 customer sales chart and top 10 item sales chart.”

Also available is the Incentive Reward function, which is separated into 2 sections; the Incentive Management and Incentive Report. The Incentive Management feature helps users to calculate their incentives and rebates, and keep track of their rewards in real-time, while the Incentive Report will generate a report, allowing them to have their target achievement details at their fingertips for better management and control. Again, this helps to save time and manpower.

However, Yap said the Webmax B2B system was exclusively for the eMax online system users. “For our current eMax online users, what they have to do is to make a one-off payment of RM8,500 for unlimited devices. The yearly maintenance fee is RM899 and a fixed add-on charge based on the number of components that the user requires.”

In May 2016, the company moved its office from rented premises in Kepong to the new company-owned premises in Prima Selayang, Batu Caves, Selangor. Having a modern and highly functional office reflects its commitment in developing more efficient and innovative web-based workplace solutions for SMEs.

Besides the standard solutions, the company can provide customised solutions according to the requirements and needs of users.

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