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New Zones Spotlight Rising Trends at Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019

Zones Spotlight Automechanika

Attendees could explore the latest products, services and technologies from more than 300 exhibitors across 9,710sq m of space.

Automechanika Kuala Lumpur Returns with New Zones

The 11th edition of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur would return from 21st to 23rd March, 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). Attendees could explore the latest products, services and technologies from more than 300 exhibitors across 9,710sq m of space. The show would amplify rising trends in connectivity, digitalisation and electrification through a host of new supporters, themed zones and fringe programme events.

Placed at the centre of the Asean region, Malaysia is recognised as an ideal country for digital investment. Reports from The World Bank Group suggest that the digital economy would contribute 20 per cent towards the country’s GDP by 2020. Digitalisation would, therefore, continue to penetrate every aspect of day-to-day life, which includes the automotive industry. The trend has already started to revolutionise the auto market, shaping dynamic growth and development opportunities for many local companies.

New zones shape future of regional automotive industry

To showcase the latest digital automotive trends, the fair would introduce the new IoT zone to delve deeper into the potential benefits of the IoT (Internet of Things) technology and its application throughout the global industry.

The influence of the IoT has created fresh demand across the entire value chain. Research suggests one connected car could generate higher revenue over its entire lifecycle than ten non-connected cars. The country is making significant progress towards completing autonomous vehicle research and development by 2025, showing that the local industry would remain strong with the prospective demand for automated cars. Therefore, upstream and downstream sectors of the industry are now facing both new opportunities as well as some challenges to maintain competitiveness and meet the changing needs of the market.

As such, the area would feature hardware and software developers emphasising the combined power of digitalisation, connectivity and advanced software capabilities in the automotive industry. They would share their latest technological breakthroughs such as advanced GPS, telematics, road safety, software for fleet management and cloud-based technology. Exhibitors include eBay, FleetSol, Inter Enterprise Solutions, PNMB and more.

Elsewhere, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the country’s lead agency for driving the local digital economy and empowering businesses in the ever-evolving market, has invited many of its members to the show. Gopi Ganesalingam, Vice President of Enterprise Development, commented: “Nurturing innovation in key industries is an important aspect of Malaysia’s digital nation efforts. We look forward to working with this digitalisation effort in the automotive sector and encourage local businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate and broaden their network, skills and knowledge.”

Other supporters bringing their members to the fair include the Selangor and Federal Territory Engineering and Motor Parts Traders’ Association (EMPTA). In addition to promoting the fair to more than 900 manufacture, import and export, distribution, wholesale members and more, they would also host a booth at this year’s show.

Truck zone shines light on growing commercial vehicle sector

Another zone making its debut is the highly anticipated Truck zone. The area would spotlight a number of trends that have sparked a rapid growth phase for the commercial vehicle sector across the region. With Malaysia becoming the third largest commercial vehicle market in the Asia Pacific, the future of the sector remains positive. The country’s commercial vehicle sector is expected to see growth at a CAGR of three per cent, which translates to more than 84,000 unit sales by 2025. As a result, more and more international players are entering the market to offer their products and technology.

To meet the demands emerging from this fast-growing market, the zone would welcome a strong collection of distributors, manufacturers and auto parts dealers such as:

  • Yamamoto – a new brand representing Truck It, the dealers of truck parts
  • CPC Tyre – tyre wholesaler specialising in truck wheels and parts.
  • Hinsitsu – displaying its specialised filters
  • Biosurge Asia – showcasing new products and technology in fuel additives and fuel savings for diesel trucks.

The Truck zone would sit alongside the IoT zone, where visitors would benefit from some of the interconnected technology across the sectors.

Fringe programme events amplify themes across show floor

Away from the exhibition area, the show’s fringe programme would highlight the region’s most pressing topics as well as emphasise the themes running through the fairground. For example, the Fleet Management Conference would explore the synergy between the IoT and commercial vehicle sector. Co-organised by the Pan-Malaysia Lorry Owners’ Association 1987 (PMLOA) and Valebridge Media Services, the event would gather industry experts from Aeroline, Fleetsol, Guardian, Kit Loong, Scania and Valvoline. Together, they would carefully examine the challenges and opportunities that companies across the Asean region are currently facing. Topics to be discussed at this event consist of:

  • Strategies for improving cost efficiency;
  • Telematics to achieve better maintenance and safety standards;
  • Differences between in-house and outsourced fleet management solutions;
  • Tyre management for fleet operations; and
  • System integration.

Other fringe programme events taking place throughout the show include Collision Repair Training Workshop, EMMA Malaysia Final – Car Audio and Modification Competition and Auto NITZ Party, Autotronics Training Workshop.

For more information about Automechanika Kuala Lumpur’s dedicated zones and fringe programme events, visit or email the organisers at

2019 Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 新增展区精彩解读热点趋势

第11届吉隆坡国际汽车零配件、维修检测诊断设备及服务用品展览会(AMKL)将于2019年3月21至23日在吉隆坡会议中心盛大举行。展会预期将迎来300多家参展企业,届时观众可在9,710平方米的展览场地尽情探索最新产品、服务和技术。本届展会聚焦智能互联、数字化和电子化的热点趋势,届时将通过支持单位、 主题展区和活动对这些热点趋势作重点展示。





因此,硬件和软件开发商将纷纷亮相物联网专区,为大家充分展示汽车行业数字化、智能网联和高端软件功能的综合实力。届时他们会分享最新的技术成果,如先进的全球定位系统、远程信息处理、道路安全、车队管理软件以及云端技术。参展企业包括eBay、 FleetSol、 Inter Enterprise Solutions及PNMB等。

与此同时,展会支持单位之一的大马来西亚数码经济机构(Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation ,简称MDEC)将邀请其众多会员企业观展。MDEC致力于帮助当地企业在瞬息万变的数字经济浪潮中茁壮成长。其企业发展副总裁Gopi Ganesalingam先生就参与Automechanika Kuala Lumpur说道:“培育重点产业的创新,是马来西亚为国家数字化进程的重要部分,我们期待和汽车领域的数字化发展携手共进。我们鼓励本地企业利用参与展会的良机加强相互合作,并拓宽知识技能和人脉网络。”





  • Yamamoto——商用车的新品牌代表,商用车零件经销商
  • CPC Tyre—— 轮胎批发商,专营商用车轮胎、轮毂轮辋及配件
  • Hinsitsu——展示专用滤波器
  • Biosurge Asia——展示针对柴油商用车燃料添加剂和燃料节约的新产品和技术




车队管理会议将探索物联网和商用车领域的协同效应。由马来西亚罗里同业总会和Valebridge Media Services共同协办,该活动将云集来自Aeroline、Fleetsol、Guardian、吉隆、斯堪尼亚(SCANIA)以及胜牌的产业专家,他们将就目前企业在整个东盟地区所面临的挑战和机遇作精准解析。此次活动将探讨的话题如下:

  • 提高成本效益的策略
  • 远程信息处理以达到更好的维护和安全标准
  • 内部和外包车队管理解决方案的差异
  • 车队运营的轮胎管理
  • 系统集成

其他不容错过的同期活动还包括汽车碰撞修复培训会、EMMA汽车音响及改装比赛、Auto NITZ交流聚会以及汽车电子培训会。


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