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Newera: Hunter’s Distributor for Malaysia & Singapore Since 1991

Newera has partnered Hunter Engineering Company for 31-year and today, the Hunter range of servicing equipment still remains one of their core products.

Newera Continues to Strive to Further Grow Hunter Brand

Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd has been steering evolution in the automotive and industrial world for more than 50 years. The company was the pioneer in the industry to introduce advanced and innovative Western machinery and equipment to the Malaysian automotive market.

“We have partnered Hunter Engineering Company for 31-year and today, the Hunter range of servicing equipment still remains one of our core products. As its authorised distributor in Malaysia and Singapore since 1991, we have successfully helped many automotive servicing players raise the bar. The use of Hunter’s innovative range of products and solutions has enabled them to strengthen their competitive advantage, accelerating their overall business performance and growth,” said Managing Director Jacob Chen.

Hunter’s award-winning innovation team, he pointed out, was responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter the most productive undercar service equipment. For instance, he said, the Road Force Elite diagnostic wheel balance was the world’s fastest diagnostics balancer. It performed a simulated road Force test that pinpointed the problem and balanced faster than a traditional wheel balancer. It solved wheel vibration problems that traditional wheel balancer could not fix. It could identify vehicle pulls and detect non-balance, radial-force related problems associated with tyre uniformity, tyre and rim runout, wheel to balancer mounting errors and improper bead seat for tyre to rim, providing a ‘new car ride’.

“More than 60 per cent of US car dealers use Road Force. A comprehensive evaluation of the tyre and wheel assembly has resulted in reduced warranty costs and increased customer satisfaction, leading many OEMs such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, among others, to mandate or highly recommend Hunter’s Road Force balancer,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment machine features new and patented QuickGrip adaptors and three-dimensional targets that accelerate service with set-up times in seconds instead of minutes. Technicians could quickly attach the adaptors without concern for a perfectly centred target; off-centred positioning has no effect on measurement accuracy.

Chen explained that the system’s patented clamping arms gripped the tyre tread instead of the rim edge, removing the worry of damaging expensive rims from metal-to-metal contact. The entire adaptor and target assembly weighed only 2.7kg, making it easy to handle and install. The target itself contained no electronics and required very little maintenance.

“New and patented HawkEye Elite digital imaging sensors include four high-resolution cameras that instantly update adjustment readings on-screen. Roll-forward compensation, exclusive to Hunter, allows a technician to compensate all four wheels and capture initial measurements in one quick motion. When equipped with the timesaving capabilities of an FIA (Fully Integrated Alignment) lift, the system produces vehicle measurements for the customer in as little as 70 seconds.”

Apart from products, Chen shared that Hunter Engineering accepted the responsibility to train tomorrow’s technicians. With training support from Hunter, he said Newera offered hands-on training to help customers use Hunter products most effectively.

“We remain relentless in our commitment to work closely with Hunter Engineering to promote its innovative products in Malaysia and Singapore. We believe in a long-lasting relationship that brings value to both businesses. Committed, transparent and professional; that how’s we present ourselves over the years and would continue to strive to further grow Hunter brand in the industry,” he concluded. 

Visit Newera’s website  to find out more about the company. If you are interested to know more on how to harness more benefits in less time with the fastest diagnostic wheel balancer on the market, the Road Force Elite, visit For more information on Hunter‘s HawkEye Elite wheel alignment system, go to




50 多年来,现代轮胎设备有限公司一直在推动汽车和工业领域的发展。该公司率先将先进和创新的西方机械设备引入马来西亚汽车市场。 

董事经理郑家国表示:“我们与 Hunter 工程公司合作了 31 年,直到今天Hunter 系列维修设备仍然是我们的核心产品之一。自 1991 年以来,作为Hunter在马来西亚和新加坡的授权经销商,我们成功帮助了许多汽车维修公司提高标准。 Hunter 的创新产品和解决方案系列使汽车维修业者能够增强竞争优势,加速整体业务绩效和增长。”

他指出,Hunter 屡获殊荣的创新团队负责数百项专利和产品的独家功能,使 Hunter 成为最具生产力的车底维修设备制造商。他说,例如Road Force Elite 车轮诊断平衡机,就是世界上最快的诊断平衡机。它可进行模拟道路力测试,比传统车轮平衡机能够更快地确定问题并进行平衡。它解决了传统车轮平衡机无法解决的车轮振动问题。此外,它还可识别车辆拉力并检测与轮胎均匀性、轮胎和轮辋偏移、车轮到平衡机安装错误及轮胎到轮辋胎圈座不正确相关等的不平衡,从而提供犹如新车的行驶。” 

“超过 60% 的美国汽车经销商使用 Road Force。该款平衡机对轮胎和车轮组件的全面评估,不仅降低了保修成本还提高了客户满意度,导致奥迪、宝马、福特、本田、丰田、斯巴鲁等许多原装配备制造商强制要求或强烈推荐其授权汽车服务中心采用Hunter Road Force平衡机。 ”他强调。 

此外,Hunter Hawkeye Elite 四轮定位仪配备新取得专利的 QuickGrip 适配器和三维卡具,可在几秒钟而不是几分钟的设置时间内加快服务速度。技术人员可快速连接适配器而无需担心卡具是否精确安装,定位的偏移对测量精度没有影响。

郑家国解释说,该系统的专利夹具抓住的是胎面而不是轮辋边缘,消除了金属与金属接触损坏昂贵轮辋的担忧。整个适配器和卡具组件的重量仅 2.7 公斤,方便搬运和安装。卡具本身不含电子设备,几乎无需维护。

“全新和拥有专利的HawkEye Elite 数字成像传感器,包括四个高分辨率摄像头,可即时在屏幕上跟新调整的数据。 Hunter 独有的前滚补偿,让技术人员能够补偿四个轮子并在一个快速动作中捕获初始测量值。配备 FIA(完全集成校准)升降机的省时功能时,该系统可在短短 70 秒内为客户生成车辆测量结果。”

除了产品,郑家国分享说,Hunter工程承担了培养未来技术人员的责任。他说,在 Hunter 的培训支持下,现代轮胎机器提供了实践培训,协助客户最有效地使用 Hunter产品。

他总结说:“我们始终坚持与 Hunter 工程密切合作,在马来西亚和新加坡推广其创新产品。我们对这个能为两家企业带来价值的长期合作关系深信不疑。多年来,我们始终秉持着守信、透明和专业的营业方针,我们将继续努力进一步发展 Hunter 品牌。

访问现代轮胎设备的网站 ,以了解更多有关该公司的信息。如果您有兴趣了解更多有关如何使用Road Force Elite—-市场上最快的车轮诊断平衡仪,以便在更短的时间内取得更多优势,请访问。有关 Hunter 的 HawkEye Elite 四轮定位系统的更多信息,则访问。




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