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Nexen Tire Dominates the Double Round of 2024 O-NE Superrace Championship

Nexen - Motorsport
Nexen - Motorsport
Nexen Tire has won consecutive races in the opening round of the ‘2024 O-NE Superrace Championship’ as well as the ‘Super 6000 class’.

Nexen Tires Demonstrates Superior Product Performance through Motor Sport

The ‘Super 6000’ class of the Superrace Championship is the fastest type of stock car (6,200 cc, up to 460 horsepower) racing in Korea, requiring drivers with advanced racing skills and concentration.

Teams and players driving cars equipped with Nexen Tires won the ‘Super 6000 class’, the top class of the ‘Superrace Championship’, on 20th and 21st April, at the Ever...

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