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Nitto Tyres Now Available in Malaysia

Nitto Tyres Malaysia

Propelled by passion and invention, Nitto Tire strives for cutting-edge development and technologies in tyre sizing, tread pattern and tyre compounds.

Nitto Tyres Debut in Malaysia

Founded in 1949 in Japan, Nitto Tire has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing tyres for performance enthusiasts and everyday drivers. In 1979, it was acquired by Toyo Tire Corporation.

Propelled by passion and invention, Nitto Tire strives for cutting-edge development and technologies in tyre sizing, tread pattern and tyre compounds. The technological development and rigorous testing procedures by the company has allowed Nitto to produce good quality tyres with extended mileage, improved performance and increased driver satisfaction.

By incorporating computer-modelled designs for road noise reduction and a program that aids in enhancing dynamic contact points while driving, Nitto’s engineers successfully identified and counteracted undesirable tyre responses in a variety of driving conditions.

Fully imported from Japan, Nitto tyres are now available in Malaysia through Nitto Authorised Shoppe, exclusively on Lazada.

The range of Nitto tyres that is currently available in Malaysia is as the following:

Nitto NT830

The Nitto NT830 is a quiet, comfortable, ultra-high performance tyre capable of matching pace with active lifestyles and demanding drivers. Innovative tread pattern technology provides confidence-inspiring traction and stability through high-speed corners while minimising road noise for a comfortably quiet ride.

Nitto INVO

A high-quality, ultra-high-performance street tyre, the Nitto INVO provides the perfect blend of style, performance and ride comfort. It is specifically developed for the staggered sizing commonly found on luxury and high-performance vehicles.

State-of-the-art computer engineering and specialised digital testing equipment were used to produce a tyre that reduces road noise and provides a comfortable ride to make room for what really matters; conversation, music or the exhaust note of your car.

Nitto NT01

The NT01 is a competition radial designed with the weekend road racer in mind. The compound was developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity. The NT01 delivers fast and consistent lap times for both the professional road-racer and track-day enthusiast.


Nitto NT420S

Designed for SUVs and 4×4 vehicles, the Nitto NT420S is a non-directional, asymmetrical pattern that not only provides a quiet, comfortable yet exciting ride, but also allows cross-rotation to achieve even wear and long tread life. It offers sporty response and traction of an ultra-high-performance road tyre.

Nitto NT421A

A tyre engineered specifically for CUV and SUVs, the NT421A features an asymmetric tread design that offers quiet and comfortable drive. The combination of sipes, all-weather rubber compound and water evacuating circumferential grooves on the NT421A enables the crossover or SUV to truly thrive throughout all weather conditions.

Nitto NT555G2A

The Nitto NT555G2A is the next generation ultra-high performance tyre, designed with the performance driver in mind. With increased traction, handling and wet-braking capabilities, the NT555G2A would provide stability in the straights, confidence in the corners and quick gateway off the starting line.


Nitto Mud Grappler

The Nitto Mud Grappler is an all-out off-road tyre providing incredible traction in mud, dirt, rocks, sand and any other unpaved surfaces. Massive side-lugs and rugged 3-ply polyester sidewall construction add protection and strength to help prevent sidewall punctures while its paddle-style tread pattern maximises momentum when the going gets tough.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T is suitable for both off-road and on-road performance. For off-roaders, its rugged 3-ply polyester sidewall and thick rubber construction increase puncture resistance while large side lugs and a purposeful block arrangement provide additional biting edges that command lateral stability and enhance forward traction. For on-road comfort, Nitto’s engineers applied advanced sound analysis to systematically reduce noise levels commonly associated with off-road tyres for a quieter drive, with the added bonus of impressive wet and dry performance on paved roads.

Nitto 轮胎登陆马来西亚




如今,消费者可透过Lazada网站上的Nitto Authorised Shoppe 购买完全从日本进口的Nitto轮胎。


Nitto NT830

Nitto NT830 是一条安静、舒适、超高性能轮胎,适合要求苛刻,拥有活泼生活方式的驾驶人使用。创新的胎纹技术,在提供极佳的牵引力和高速拐弯稳定性的同时,降低路噪,带来一个安静的驾乘。

Nitto INVO

一条高品质、超高性能的街胎,Nitto INVO完美结合了风格、性能及乘驾舒适性。它是专为豪华车和高性能汽车最常见的交错轮胎尺码而设计。


Nitto NT01

Nitto NT01 是条竞技子午胎,以周末车手为目标。其特别研发的胶料配方提供牵引力、一致性、热循环性能及较长的使用寿命。NT01 为专业车手和跑道日(Track Day)发烧友带来快速和一致性的单圈时间。

Nitto NT420S

专为休旅车(SUV)和四驱车设计的Nitto NT420S 是一条具有不对称花纹的非定向轮胎。它不仅可提供安静、舒适和刺激的乘驾,还可交叉对调以实现均匀耗损和更长的花纹寿命。它是一条反应灵敏和极具牵引力的高性能轮胎。

Nitto NT421A


Nitto NT555G2A

下一代超高性能轮胎Nitto NT555G2A,是专为跑车车手所设计。它拥有提高的牵引力、操控及湿地制动能力。NT555G2A 的其他优点包括直路稳定性、拐弯信心及快速离开起跑线。

Nitto Mud Grappler

Nitto Mud Grappler是全越野轮胎,能够在泥地、岩石、沙地及其他未铺砌路面,提供不可思议的牵引力。胎侧的巨大横向花纹和坚固的三层聚酯胎壁结构,提供更大的保护和力度,协助避免胎壁刺穿,其桨式胎纹设计在愈发困难的路况里将动力最大化。

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T适合越野和路上行驶。对越野者来说,其坚固的三层聚酯胎壁和厚橡胶结构提高防范轮胎穿孔的能力。其胎侧的大横向花纹和有目的的块状花纹安排提供额外咬合边缘,带来横向稳定性和提升前进牵引力。除了令人印象深刻的干与湿柏油路性能外,Nitto的工程师采用先进的声音分析,有系统地降低一般随越野轮胎而来的噪音水平,带来一个比较安静的驾驶。

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