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NS Loon Tyre Enterprise: Hankook Masters Outlet in Senawang

NS Loon Tyre Enterprise has built a solid reputation for competent, efficient and professional service after 17 years in the tyre and auto service business. The company provides a comprehensive range of auto services ranging from tyre puncture repairs, wheel alignment and balancing, tyre rotation to engine oil change. 

There are three NS Loon Tyre Enterprise branches, one each in Sungai Udang (Melaka) and Masjid Tanah (Melaka) as well as a Hankook Masters outlet in Senawang (Negri Sembilan).

The company started retailing Hankook tyres three years ago. 

According to Ng Kai Loon, the owner of NS Loon Tyre Enterprise, Hankook tyres are renowned for lower road noise, innovative tyre tread patterns and a high level of quality.     

“Hankook tyres are also priced competitively with a production plant in Indonesia. We have received good feedback from our customers. There are less complaints regarding tyre defects, unlike some other tyre brands,” he said.  

Hankook Tire is Korea’s first and largest tyre manufacturer, and a leading global company that exports tyres to more than 180 countries. The company’s growth is based on cutting edge technology and an international manufacturing system, powered by five research and development centres in Korea, Germany, United States, China and Japan.   

“There is better awareness of the Hankook tyre brand nowadays and because of the high quality and competitive pricing, there is good demand. We find it easy to sell Hankook tyres in various sizes and models. Many of our customers recommended the Hankook brand to their friends,” he said. 

The Hankook Masters Programme was designed to create a consistent retail expression across all shop formats to provide a unified brand experience to consumers. The Hankook Masters brand logo represents speed, high technology, prestige and innovation. 

Hankook’s ultimate goal is to continue meeting the needs of its customers by providing unique, revolutionary and optimal space to fully experience the Hankook brand.  

Ng is happy that he gets a lot of support from this Korean tyre maker. “Hankook Tire has been very supportive with the signage, display of items, uniforms and product leaflets,” he said.   

“This Hankook Masters outlet in Senawang is new and we need time to get more exposure,” he said, adding that the company hopes to send its personnel to visit the Hankook production plant and attend training programmes in the future.



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