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OKO Global LLP to provide Carmichael PFTS with Sole Distribution Rights for OKO Tyre Sealants in Malaysia

OKO Global LLP Carmichael PFTS

The OKO tyre sealants are sold in over 80 countries which enhanced the consumer confidence, especially as it is supplied direct from the UK manufacturer.

OKO Tyre Sealants Now Available in Malaysia

After an intensive bidding process covering both sides of the Atlantic, Carmichael PFTS (M) Sdn Bhd (Carmicheal PFTS) have opted to choose UK-based company, OKO Global LLP to offer them a unique contract, making them the sole distributors of OKO tyre sealants in Malaysia. The procurement process Carmichael PFTS undertook to find the appropriate sealant demonstrated both the benefits and potential risks of international trade deals, with Asia Pacific being seen as a lucrative market in both the US and the UK. Carmichael PFTS explained a little of the process by mentioning that the core difference between the US and UK markets was price. The US market offered long lead times, which is par for the course with international deals, however their prices appeared fairly steep. US sealants were also subject to additional levies and margins when they reached Malaysia, as they were often rebadged in Europe, before being exported again.

On top of price disparities, Carmichael PFTS experienced problems negotiating how many grades of sealant would be necessary, with many US dealers arguing that one grade would be suitable for 2-3 types of tyres. These dealers also tended to make exaggerated performance claims for their products, according to Carmichael PFTS, especially for military applications. It was when these negotiations stalled that Carmichael PFTS chose to see what the UK dealers offered.

How OKO Sealants and OKO Global LLP Developed

There were a few major plus-points when it came to OKO Sealants from the get-go, says Carmichael PFTS. For starters, looking to the history of the company, OKO has been produced in the UK since 1978, with the company, OKO Global LLP specialising in tyre sealants since that time. The sealants are sold in over 80 countries as well, including across Europe, Turkey, Australia, the USA, Vietnam and Thailand, so the consumer confidence in their sealants is clearly very high, especially as it is supplied direct from the UK manufacturer. On the environmental side of things, their sealants correspond to worldwide environmental standards and are classified as non-hazardous. In terms of company environment, OKO Global LLP has a more organic style of distribution, preferring not to overload or oversell stock,, which fits in nicely with Carmichael ’s style of doing business with their Malaysian partners, who also believe in a more long-term style of partnership over selling in bulk…..

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OKO Global LLP为Carmichael PFTS提供OKO轮胎在马经销权

经过来自大西洋两岸的密集招标过程后,Carmichael PFTS (马)私人有限公司选择英国OKO Global LLP为该公司提供的一份独特合约,并成为OKO轮胎密封胶的马来西亚独家经销商。Carmichael PFTS寻找和采购合适的轮胎密封胶流程,反映了国际贸易交易的利益与潜在风险,尤其是在美国和英国都将亚太看成一个有利可图的市场。Carmichael PFTS稍微就该过程做了解释,并提及美国与英国市场之间的核心差异是价格。美国市场的交货期长,这是国际交易意料之中的事,然而他们的价格过高。美国的轮胎密封胶在抵达马来西亚后需缴纳额外的征费和保证金,因为它们通常会在再出口前在欧洲改换商标。除了价格差异,Carmichael PFTS还经历了密封胶等级问题的协商,因为大部分的美国代理商争论说一种等级能用于2-3种轮胎。据该公司表示,这些代理商也倾向夸大他们的产品性能,特别是在军事应用上。上述种种原因致使谈判陷入僵局,Carmichael PFTS于是选择看一看英国代理商供应的产品。

OKO轮胎密封胶和OKO Global LLP的发展

Carmichael PFTS说, OKO密封胶从一开始就具有一些主要优点。让我们看一看该公司的历史。OKO自1978年开始产于英国,OKO Global LLP公司从那时起就专门制造轮胎密封胶。其密封胶销售于80多个国家,包括欧洲、土耳其、澳大利亚、美国、越南及泰国。因此消费者对他们的密封胶很有信心,尤其这些密封胶都是直接由英国制造商供货。在环境方面,他们的密封胶符合世界环境标准,并被归类为非危险品。在公司的环境方面,OKO Global LLP的有机分销风格偏向于不超负荷的库存或超销售,而这正好与Carmichael PFTS和他们马来西亚伙伴的经商风格完美契合,他们的伙伴相信长期的伙伴关系而非批量销售……。


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