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Pirelli P Zero World Store Opens in Dubai

Pirelli P Zero World Store

Pirelli has described the concept of the P Zero World store as a “tyre boutique”.

Pirelli Opens World’s 4th Zero World Store

P Zero World reaches its third continent: after Los Angeles, Munich and Monte-Carlo, the latest flagship store is opened in Dubai. A parade of more than 60 supercars belonging to fans and local collectors celebrated the store opening while the following day more than 200 cars took to the track at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi for the P Zero Experience: Pirelli’s track day.

The P Zero World concept is often summarised as a ‘boutique for tyres’, a shop where customers could find Pirelli’s most exclusive products alongside services dedicated to the exotic worlds of luxury and sports cars. Its boutiques are the only places where the entire range of Pirelli tyres is available, such as the P Zero Trofeo R – the road-homologated tyre with the highest performance levels of the entire range – or the Pirelli Collezione for collectors’ cars, combining classic looks with modern performance.

Naturally, the entire range of Pirelli products is available, including motorbike tyres and Velo tyres as well as Pirelli Design accessories. Exclusive services include car valeting and courtesy cars. P Zero World also allows people to immerse in the world of Pirelli, from images symbolising the world’s most famous calendar to the multi-coloured display of F1 tyres.

This underlines Pirelli’s focus on premium and prestige products: a market that shows constant growth. In numbers, Pirelli supplies more than half the world’s prestige cars with original equipment; thus, more than one of every two supercars leaves the factory on Pirelli tyres. The Italian firm also takes 20 per cent of the premium market, confirming its leadership of the entire high value sector.

Dubai was chosen as it is located at the centre of the United Arab Emirates. As an important commercial and transport hub, it is one of the most open places to influences and trends from the rest of the world. It’s no coincidence that in 2020 Dubai would host Expo: the world exhibition that would attract 25 million tourists. There’s also a huge passion for cars, making Dubai the second-most important car market for the Gulf, behind Saudi Arabia. The Middle Eastern car market expects a yearly growth of 4-5 per cent in luxury cars over the next few years.

Proof of this overriding passion is seen in Dubai’s police force, which boasts a supercar fleet including a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, Bentley Continental GT, McLaren 12C and Audi R8. Some of these police cars took part in the supercar parade. W Motors, the first Arab hypercar company, is also active in Dubai, with a Pirelli-equipped Fenyr SuperSport a highlight of the opening of P Zero World. An Aston Martin Zagato was additionally on display. For the famed Italian coachbuilder, Zagato, Dubai was the start of celebrations to mark its centenary.

When it comes to tyres, homologations and marked tyres have an important strategic importance in Dubai – and in the United Arab Emirates in general – and the tendency from supercar owners is to buy marked tyres whenever a change is needed: in other words, tyres that are designed specifically for the cars they are fitted to. It’s a choice that is at the heart of a strategy Pirelli calls the ‘Perfect Fit’.

The markings on the tyres signify that they are specifically made for a particular car model, with different symbols indicating different constructors. These tyres are born thanks to a shared development programme between Pirelli and the carmakers. This forms a fundamental guarantee for the car owners that they could obtain the maximum in performance and handling.

The P Zero World shop in Dubai is housed in a new 600-metre square building featuring 5 technicians, 2 salespeople and a receptionist. There are four ramps where tyre maintenance is carried out, using state of the art of machinery. These include the most modern lasers to align wheels and completely automatic tyre mounting equipment that requires no human intervention and guarantees a perfect job, thanks to technology that ensures no wheel rims are ever damaged. Furthermore, it is equipped with one of the quickest balancing machines to rapidly solve elusive problems, such as vibrations through the steering wheel that traditional systems could not identify.

While they wait for work to be carried out, customers could entertain themselves with a life-size Formula 1 simulator and enjoy real Italian coffee. A ‘Track Expert’ is also at every customer’s disposal, ready to give advice about car set-up and tyre management as well as specific suggestions when it comes to track driving.

Gaetano Trezza, Pirelli’s Head of Trade & Operative Marketing, said: “Pirelli’s retail strategy is focussed on points of sale activation, in collaboration with partners who are already active on site. This is certainly the case in Dubai with our distributor Al Hawai, which has worked exclusively with Pirelli for 32 years. P Zero World is the jewel in the crown of this strategy, where customers get to find out more about our partner brands, setting P Zero World apart from any other tyre facility. Next up is the opening of P Zero World in Melbourne, Australia.”

倍耐力P Zero World登陆迪拜

倍耐力P Zero World 登陆第三个大洲:继洛杉矶、慕尼黑和蒙特卡洛之后,最新一家品牌体验中心在迪拜开业。P Zero World 是倍耐力零售策略和市场领先地位的独有象征,现已入驻连接中东与世界其它地区的核心地域。来自粉丝和当地收藏家的 60 多辆超级跑车在城市中游行,以庆祝该店的开幕;第二天,超过 200 辆汽车在阿布扎比的亚斯码头赛道集结,参与P Zero Experience,即倍耐力自有的品牌赛道日。

P Zero World 这一概念经常被概括为“轮胎的精品店”。换言之,客户可以找到倍耐力独特的产品, 以及为豪华车和跑车提供的专属服务。P Zero World 是唯一提供全系列倍耐力轮胎的店铺,包括 P Zero Trofeo R——整个系列中具最高性能的道路轮胎,和用于经典汽车的倍耐力 Collezione 收藏系列轮胎,旨在将经典外观与先进性能相结合。

当然,倍耐力全线产品都在此有售,包括摩托车轮胎和自行车轮胎,以及倍耐力设计的相关产品。 位于迪拜的全新 P Zero World,还为客户提供专属的汽车清洗和礼宾车服务。不仅如此,店内从世 界上最著名的倍耐力年历照片,到多色的 F1 轮胎展示, 都让人们沉浸在倍耐力的世界中。

这凸显了倍耐力专注高端和超高端产品的策略:公司已在这个不断成长的市场领域中取得了受客户 和汽车制造商认可的领先地位。在数量上,倍耐力为全球半数以上的超高端汽车提供原配轮胎,这 意味着每两辆超级跑车中就有超过一辆装配着倍耐力轮胎出厂;同时,倍耐力也占据了高端市场 20% 的份额,证明了品牌在整个高价值领域的领导地位。

选择迪拜是因为它位于阿拉伯联合酋长国的中心。作为重要的商业和交通枢纽,它是中东地区最紧跟世界趋势、最开放的城市之一。2020 年,迪拜将举办世博会,一个将吸引 2,500 万游客的世界级展览。在迪拜,人们对汽车充满热情,使其成为整个海湾地区仅次于沙特阿拉伯的第二大汽车 市场。阿联酋是中东汽车市场的中心,该地区预计未来几年豪华车型的年增长率将达到 4-5%。

这种狂热的爱好,甚至体现在迪拜的警队车辆中。警队拥有任何汽车收藏家都会引以为豪的超级跑车车队,囊括兰博基尼的Aventador、法拉利FF、宾利欧陆GT、迈凯伦 12C 和奥迪 R8。其中一些警车参与了本次迪拜 P Zero World 开幕游行的超跑车队。W Motor 是阿拉伯第一家超级跑车公司,也活跃在迪拜。其装配了倍耐力轮胎的 Fenyr SuperSport 车型成为了本次 P Zero World 开 幕的亮点。



迪拜的 P Zero World 位于一栋 600 平方米的全新建筑中,配备 5 名技术 人员、2 名销售人员和 1 名接待员,拥有四个可以进行轮胎维护的工作台和最先进的设备, 其中包括用于四轮定位的激光仪器,以及全自动的轮胎安装设备——无需人工、精准工作,可以确保轮辋 毫无损坏。此外,迪拜的 P Zero World 配备了最高速的平衡机之一,能够快速解决传统系统难以描述,无法识别的问题,如方向盘振动问题。

在等待汽车修理时,客户可以选择驾驶仿真一级方程式模拟器,并享受 P Zero World 中纯正的意大利咖啡,而技术人员则负责照料汽车。“赛道专家”也面向每位客户,随时提供有关汽车设置和轮胎管理的建议,以及赛道驾驶时的具体指导。

倍耐力的市场通路和运营负责人特雷扎(Gaetano Trezza )表示:“倍耐力的零售策略主要集中在销售点激励上,并与当地活跃的合作伙伴深入联动。在迪拜,我们的经销商 Al Hawai 正是如此,该公司已经与倍耐力独家合作了 32 年。因此,我们可以依靠忠诚的客户群,更借助合作伙伴的优势和经验。P Zero World 是这一战略的点睛之作,客户可以在独特的环境中探索我们的品牌、独有产品和服务。 此外,客户有机会了解我们合作伙伴品牌的更多信息,这有助于营造一种氛围,使 P Zero World 与其他轮胎店区别开来。下一家 P Zero World 将会在澳大利亚墨尔本开幕。”

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