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Pirelli Relaunches Cinturato CN54 for Fiat 500

Pirelli Cinturato CN54

Pirelli has launched a new tyre for the iconic Fiat 500: the car that symbolised mass motoring in Italy more than any other.

Pirelli Collezione: History of the Road

This new tyre forms part of the Pirelli Collezione: a family of tyres dedicated to cars from 1950 to 1980, which combine a classic look with modern technology, while maintaining the overall originality of the tyre as it was first made.

The recreated Cinturato CN54 in 125R 12 size, which was originally launched in 1972, has been designed for all the different versions of the Fiat 500 that were made from 1957. It is a radial tyre with a tread pattern design and sidewall that is similar to the original, but made with modern technology. Pirelli Collezione tyres make use of contemporary compounds to offer increased grip and improved road holding on wet surfaces, guaranteeing reliability and high safety standards without compromising on the original style.

Throughout the development process of these reborn tyres, Pirelli’s engineers used the same vehicle parameters that the original designers would have relied upon at the time, but making use of all the know-how and experience when it comes to materials and production processes that have been built up in the meantime.

Pirelli Collezione tyres are available from specialised classic car tyre dealers, such as Longstone Tyres, as well as from Pirellis flagship P Zero World stores in Los Angeles, Munich, Monaco, Dubai and Melbourne.

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