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Pirelli Truck and Bus Tyres Expands in Southeast Asia with New 01 Series

Pirelli Truck Bus Tyres

Prometeon Tyre Group, which produces and sells Pirelli tyres, would expand its presence in the commercial truck and bus market in Southeast Asia via a new branch in Singapore.

Prometeon Tyre Group Introduces the New 01 Series

Prometeon Tyre Group, which produces and sells Pirelli tyres under licence, would expand its presence in the commercial truck and bus market in Southeast Asia via a new dedicated branch in Singapore.

While Prometeon already supplies commercial truck tyres and fleet solutions to the global market, the increased focus on Southeast Asia and its specific product requirements for commercial truck tyres and fleet management solutions is part of Prometeon’s aggressive global growth strategy. The current phase is aimed at consolidating and enhancing the best strategy for local product development, distribution and sales.

“We rely on a distribution network that is constantly committed to deliver solutions for the dealers and fleets that are already using our products. Currently, there are more than 30 fleets participating in testing and development of Pirelli commercial truck tyres for several applications, and from their feedback and actual results, we get input for further improvements,” said Daniel Goh, Prometeon Tyre Group‘s market development manager for Southeast Asia.

Utilising the innovative technology and leadership that Pirelli developed in almost 150 years of its history, Prometeon could customise its product line according to the demanding requirements of local markets. For example, in an environmental sustainability project, Pirelli was chosen by the authorities in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China to participate in an electric city bus fleet initiative.

“Asian fleets have unique needs that require specific designs, sizes and compounds to deliver the premium performance for which the Pirelli brands are known and respected. Succeeding in this market is no easy task but with the strength of our future product portfolio, coupled with the extensive research and development we are devoting to the project, we would provide Southeast Asian fleets with best-in-class cost performance and services,” added Goh.

Prometeon owns and operates truck and bus tyres manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Egypt, Turkey and, thanks to a co-operation agreement, in China as well.

Pirelli 01 Series Advanced Tyres for Commercial Vehicles

Pirelli Truck Tyres recently presented the second-generation of its 01 Series range of advanced tyres for commercial vehicles, which offer a longer tyre life, greater ease in retreadability and improved road-holding on wet and dry surfaces.

The 01 Series takes in the ‘R’ segment (medium to long range), ‘W’ (winter tyres), ‘H’ (long range) and ‘G’ (for mixed road and construction site use). This series forms part of Pirelli’s green performance strategy and is distinguished by innovative profiles, structures and materials that allow a long tyre life, low rolling resistance with consequently reduced fuel consumption, easy re-treadability, energy efficiency and respect for the environment, thanks to low noise levels and the elimination of highly aromatic oils (HAOF).

Produced using SATT technology (a trademarked process that stands for Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck), this range uses an innovative system of belts that ensures optimal durability and reliability without compromising comfort or the environment. The system is based on the 3SB (Three Sandwich Belts) principle: three superimposed belts that help to guarantee a longer tyre life, highly even wear, improved retreadability and steering precision.

It also has a Dual Layer Tread Compound (DLTC) system: a dual compound layer with high silica content. The Hexagonal Bead Wire (HBW) makes the tyre a lot easier to mount while Fully Rubberised Cords (FRC) prevent cord oxidisation and give the tyre greater strength and durability. The introduction of a reinforced bead means that the tyre is easier to rebuild, while the new compound formula offers a longer tyre life and better road-holding in a wide variety of conditions.

Meanwhile, a new tread compound formula and high silica content ensure high mileage and resistance to the stress typically experienced by tyres intended for mixed use, even on moderately abrasive surfaces. The new tyres also have a functional design for precision steering even in critical conditions as well as specific tread patterns aimed at optimising the different functions of steering and drive axles. Its groove and siping geometry are designed for steering precision and progressiveness, combined with great road-holding on a variety of surfaces. The second-generation R:01 tyre range is sold with two tread pattern designs: FR:01 II and TR:01 II.

Specifically designed for steering axles, the FR:01 II features a wider tread, leading to longer life, higher mileage as well as improved driving precision and road-holding. There are also ejectors at the bottom of the central grooves to maximise the expulsion of stones and other objects, boosting durability.

Four zig-zag grooves and robust longitudinal ribs are designed to reduce braking distance and enhance driving safety, while the innovative shoulder tread contour (Pirelli patent) allows optimum distribution of footprint contact pressure, favouring even wear and increasing mileage.

The TR:01 II is the tyre for driven axles. With its ‘impressive’ road-holding in winter conditions, it was awarded the European 3PMSF mark (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake). It has directional tread pattern and optimised tread block pitch sequence to offer better traction and acoustic comfort while deeper grooves maintain traction and performance for the full tyre life. Also, the lateral grooves with optimised geometry and depth (Pirelli patent) ensure even wear and easy ejection of stones.

These tyres are meant for use on medium to long-range routes on road surfaces that are moderately abrasive, or twisty roads such as those found in mountainous areas. They are said to offer a new frontier of tyre life and fuel consumption as they are designed and developed applying the most innovative Pirelli technologies.





“我们仰赖一个经销网络,为采用我们产品的代理和车队提供解决方案。目前有超过30个车队,测试着适合不同应用的倍耐力轮胎。我们从他们的反馈和测试结果中,获得可进一步改善轮胎的资料。”Prometeon轮胎集团东南亚市场发展经理Daniel Goh表示。


“亚洲车队拥有独特的轮胎花纹、尺寸及复合胶料需求,以提供优质性能。这正是倍耐力品牌为人熟知和受尊敬的原因。 想要在这个市场中获得成功并不简单,不过我们深信凭借着我们的未来产品组合,再加上我们为该项目所进行的广泛研发,我们必能为东南亚车队提供同级中最佳的成本绩效和服务。”





它采用倍耐力的商标加工程序,称为先进卡车螺旋技术(SATT)。 此系列的产品运用一个创新的带束层结构,在优化耐磨和可翻新性的同时,毫不影响其舒适性和环保性能。此带束层的概念是基于3SB(三层带)概念:三层叠覆的带束层,使用寿命更长、磨耗均匀度高、改善的翻新性和精确的转向。

它还拥有双胎面胶设计(DLTC)系统:高硅含量的双胎面胶。其六角形胎圈钢丝(Hexagonal Bead Wire)使它更容易安装,全橡胶帘布(Fully Rubberised Cords)防止帘布氧化,使轮胎更有力和耐用。它强化的胎唇意味着轮胎更容易翻新,全新的配方延长轮胎使用寿命,并使该轮胎在各种路况具有更好的操控。

此外,新的高硅含量胶料配方确保高里程数,可抗驾驶在混合路面时所面对的高压力,即便是中等摩擦表层。此新轮胎的功能性花纹设计,使轮胎即使是在面对艰难路况时也具有精确转向能力,其定向花纹优化转向和驱动轴的各种不同功能。它的胎沟和刀槽花纹设计使轮胎具有精确的转向和前进行驶,以及各种路面操控。该第二代R:01轮胎系列推出两款花纹:FR:01 II 和TR:01 II。

专为转向轴设计的FR:01 II拥有宽花纹、寿命长、里程数高,以及驾驶精确性和操控。在它的中央花纹沟底部还具有排石设计,可排掉小石子和其他细小物件,提高耐磨性。


TR:01 II驱动轴卡车轮胎,冬天路况操控性佳。它拥有欧洲三峰三雪花(3PMSF)标志 。其定向花纹和优化胎面块节距排列,降低轮胎噪音和提供更好的牵引力。较深的胎沟在整个轮胎使用寿命里保持牵引力和性能。倍耐力专利优化横向胎沟几何和深度, 确保均匀磨耗,排石更容易。


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