Porsche Chooses Two New Pirelli Tyres for the Taycan Restyling

Pirelli P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS will be the only tyres available on the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT.

Two New P Zero Tyres from Pirelli for the Porsche Taycan

Pirelli P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS have been chosen by Porsche for the restyling of the Taycan and will be the only tyres available on the Taycan Turbo GT. The first is designed for supercars’ everyday driving, while the second is a street-legal semi-slick tyre.

Both tyres were launched earlier this year and have been specifically adapted, in collaboration with the German carmaker, to enhance the sportiness and efficiency of the vehicle. Both feature the Elect marking on the sidewall, indicating a package of technological solutions to suit the characteristics of electric vehicles and made its debut in 2019 on the first generation of the Porsche Taycan.

Today, Porsche‘s range includes over 30 Pirelli homologated tyres with Elect technology designed to accompany Porsche’s electric transition on different models, such as the Macan.

For Daily Driving and Sportier Outings

Designed to enhance the driving pleasure of the Porsche Taycan, the P Zero R tyres homologated for this model are dedicated to daily driving while also being suitable for sportier outings.

The development of the Elect technology package by Pirelli also helps highlight the improved aspects of the car compared to the previous model, such as comfort and battery range.

The double-ply carcass makes the tyre structure capable of supporting the weight exerted especially on the rear by the aerodynamic load and the presence of the batteries. In this way, the car is stable even at high speeds.

To manage the sudden accelerations typical of electric motors, in addition to the reinforced structure, the multi-compound tread, made possible thanks to Pirelli‘s patented Resin Blend technology, is also functional. The materials inside the compound work in synergy to offer grip in a wide range of temperatures and road surfaces, allowing for high performance even in wet conditions.

The tread pattern is designed to minimize noise, while the efficiency required by Porsche is achieved through the combination of compounds and tread pattern, which reduces rolling resistance.

Born at Nürburgring

Safe for road driving but track-oriented, the P Zero Trofeo RS is made with specially designed compounds derived from rally products. The specific development of the P Zero Trofeo RS for the new Porsche Taycan allows the car to achieve maximum in-track driving, thus providing high performance on dry surfaces, cornering grip, and consistency that allows for repeatable results over time.

During a test conducted by both Pirelli and Porsche on the Nürburgring, the Taycan Turbo GT travelled at speeds over 300 km/h with the development driver Lars Kern behind the wheel.

A series of construction solutions were adopted to optimize the tyre’s contact patch even at high speeds: the dedicated compound provides grip and stability, the outer shoulder of the tread has a low number of grooves to provide support in conditions of strong lateral acceleration, and the pattern is designed to ensure quick and uniform heating along the entire contact patch.

Even for the most demanding track sessions, this tyre does not require electric blankets. Pirelli’s Virtual Geometry was also involved in the development process by comparing a number of possible profiles and tread models in a digital environment to define in detail the characteristics and behaviour of the tyre.

Both the P Zero R and the P Zero Trofeo RS developed for the Porsche Taycan are available in sizes 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21. To complete the range of Pirelli options for the Porsche Taycan, over the years the company has developed the P Zero, P7 All Season, P7 Blue, and P Zero Winter, with sizes ranging from 19 to 21 inches.

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