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Promax Lubricants Launches New Winmax Multi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Winmax Multi-Synthetic Engine Oil developed based on Promax‘s own formulation, blend and produced by us using German technology for all passenger cars.

New Winmax 10W40 Multi-Synthetic Engine Oils Improves Engine Performance

Promax Lubricants Sdn Bhd unveiled its new ester-based Winmax 10W40 multi-synthetic engine oil recently during its 2019 gala dinner. Held on 8th December at the HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, the event was well attended by 600 people, including guests, business associates and media.

“The launch of this new engine oil marked a major milestone on Promax’s product roadmap. It has been developed based on our own formulation, blend and produced by us using German technology for all passenger cars (gasoline or diesel engine). As compared to the normal fully synthetic, our new Winmax 10W40 multi-synthetic engine oil is ester based, which protects and helps improve engine performance, as well as maximising fuel economy,” said Managing Director Kit Choi.

The properties that esters hold, he explained, benefit specific applications, especially in severe conditions which call for high performance lubricants. Apart from excellent overall lubricity, esters offer higher viscosity indexes, low temperature fluidity, low volatility, high thermal stability and oxidation resistance. In addition, they improve cleanliness and sludge control.

Targeted at the mid-high market segment, the recommended retail price for a 4-litre pack is RM160.

“We have tested it on 300 vehicles, and the recommendation for an oil change interval is 7,000 – 8,000km. Winmax 10W40 contains a higher percentage of esters as compared to the current products in the same class that are available in the market, that means it is quite costly for us, but we would like to share it with our customers and benefit the consumers,” he added.

From Trading Company to Manufacturer

Promax Lubricants, formerly known as Win Lubricants Sdn Bhd, was established in 2007. With Choi’s 30 years of experience under his belt, the company has become one of the fastest growing companies in supplying automotive and industrial lubricants through their wide distribution network to the high street market and industrial sector in Malaysia.

Promax Lubricants pride themselves for having being able to evolve from a trading company to a manufacturer with products exported to Africa. “Our blending operation began 2 years ago, and today we have our own Research and Development (R&D) team.”

He added that engine oil produced by Malaysia is widely accepted in Southeast Asia and China. They have plans to export to Vietnam and Cambodia.

“We are producing under ISO 9001:2015 certified environmental, an internationally recognised standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.”

Locally, the company has a network that consists of tyre shops, car service centres, logistics and transport companies, as well as quarry company and a sales team of 16 people that covers all of Peninsular Malaysia. With the network expansion plan in place, Choi is looking to add another 4 sales personnel to the company’s sales force.

Besides production, the company also handles its own marketing activities, packaging design and selection.

All products covered by Product Liability Insurance

Currently, the product portfolio of Promax Lubricants covers fully synthetic and semi synthetic engine oils for passenger cars, mineral, diesel engine oil, ATF, brake fluid, coolant, gear oil, hydraulic oil and industrial oil. Their fully synthetic series include Winmax Supreme Nano OW20, a synthetic high-performance engine oil for US, European, Japanese and Asian made cars; Winmax Supreme Nano 5W50, an advanced technology 100 per cent fully synthetic motor oil that is engineered using a high quality synthetic base oil to which a high performance additive is added. It is said that its special formulation exceeds the requirements of global automobile manufacturers, suitable for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Japanese and Asian made cars.

Also available is a semi synthetic range, which includes Winmax Supreme Ultra Semi Synthetic 5W30, 10W40, 15W50, Winmax Super Active Part Synthetic 15W40 and Part Synthetic 20W50.

He revealed that new products scheduled to be launched next year after Lunar year include Winmax Supreme Ester 5W30 fully synthetic engine oil that is catered for Japanese cars such as Toyota, Nissan and Perodua made of vehicles and the Winmax Supreme PAO Ester 10W60 fully synthetic, developed mainly for drivers in search of a high-performance engine oil.

 “Apart from the passenger car segment, we ventured into the commercial vehicle sector with our heavy-duty engine oil about one and half years ago. We also become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a company’s construction equipment, whereby we developed a special three in one engine oil for them. To instil confidence, all our products are covered by Product Liability Insurance worth RM 1,000,000.”

It’s almost the end of the year, and despite the downturn of the Malaysian economy, Choi announced that they have doubled up their profit as compared to last year. He attributed this success to their consistency in product quality. “We have bought over the current premises that we located, which housed our head office and warehouse, and we are going to set up our own lab after the Lunar year next year.”

During the launch, the company gave away more than RM 50,000 lucky draw prizes, including an RM 5,000 grand prize, RM 3,000 second prize and RM 2,000 third prize with a bottle of the new ester-based Winmax 10W40 multi-synthetic engine oil respectively. Choi added that almost 55 per cent of the attendees walked away with the lucky draw prizes, which was a bottle of the new Winmax 10W40 multi-synthetic engine oil.

Other products that the company carries include Unil Opal lubricants from France, for which they are the sole distributor for the Malaysian market, and their own house brand – Voltanic batteries.


Promax 润滑油推出Winmax 多合成引擎机油


Promax 润滑油私人有限公司在其2019年的晚宴推出最新的酯基Winmax 10W40 多合成引擎机油。这个在吉隆坡HGH 会议中心盛大举行的晚宴,出席人数达600人,包括嘉宾、商业伙伴及媒体。 

这款全新引擎机油的推出是Promax产品路线图上的一个重要里程碑。它的配方是我们自己研发出来,并采用德国技术混炼生产而成,适合汽油和柴油轿车引擎使用。与一般的全合成引擎机油相比,我们全新的Winmax 10W40是酯基多合成引擎机油,能够保护和协助改善引擎性能,以及最大化提高燃油经济。董事经理徐国杰表示。 


该引擎机油锁定高端市场,4升装的建议零售价格为160 令吉。 

我们曾将它用于300 辆车上进行测试,建议的机油更换周期是7,0008,000公里。相较于现有的同级产品,Winmax 10W40含有更高百分比的酯。这也意味着我们的成本相当高,但我们想要与客户分享和使消费者获益。他补充。 


前身为Win Lubricants 私人有限公司的Promax润滑油,成立于2007年。徐国杰拥有 30 年丰富的行业经验,在他带领下,该公司已经成为国内发展最迅速的汽车和工业润滑油供应商之一,透过他们广泛的网络,为马来西亚的高街市场和工业领域提供产品。 






目前,Promax润滑油的产品组合包括适合轿车的全合成和半合成引擎机油、矿物油、柴油引擎机油、ATF、制动液、冷却液、齿轮油、液压油及工业用油。他们的全合成系列包含适合美国、欧洲、日本及亚洲车系的Winmax Supreme Nano OW20高性能合成引擎机油。Winmax Supreme Nano 5W50 ,一款先进,采用高品质的合成基油,并加入高性能添加剂的百分之百全合成汽车引擎机油。据悉,其独特的配方超越全球汽车制造商的需求,适合保时捷、马赛地、宝马、奥迪、大众、日本及亚洲车款使用。 

此外,该公司的产品还有Winmax Supreme Ultra 5W3010W4015W50半合成引擎机油, Winmax Super Active 15W40半合成引擎机油及20W50半合成机油 。

他透露说,他们计划在农历新年后推出新产品包括适合日本车辆如丰田、日产及第二国产车的Winmax Supreme Ester 5W30 全合成引擎机油,还有专为寻求高性能引擎机油而研发的Winmax PAO Ester10W60 全合成引擎机油。 

除了轿车领域,我们也在半年前推出重型引擎机油,拓展至商用车市场。我们还成为其中一家建筑设备公司的润滑油原厂配备供应商(OEM), 为他们研发独特的三合一引擎机油。为了确保用户的信心,我们的所有产品都享有价值高达1000000 令吉的产品责任保险覆盖。 



3000令吉及第三奖2000令吉现金,并分别获赠Winmax 10W-40 多合成引擎机油一瓶。他补充说,有近55%的与会者都获得幸运奖品,那就是一瓶全新的Winmax 10W-40 多合成引擎机油。 

Promax润滑油的其他产品包括来自法国的Unil Opal润滑油,他们是该润滑油在马来西亚的独家经销商。该公司也经营着其自有汽车电池品牌—Voltanic









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