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Prototype Manufacturer Model Solution Partners with 3D Printing Expert Prototech

Model Solution Prototech

Model Solution, a subsidiary of Hankook & Company, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in April with the 3D printing specialist Prototech.

Hankook Subsidiary Increases Global Presence

With this agreement, the companies aim to expand their rapid prototyping business and accelerate the development of high-value 3D printed parts. With this partnership, Model Solution aims to achieve a more comprehensive one-stop solution by entering the 3D printing industry in collaboration with Prototech.

Model Solution is a hardware platform company that can provide all solutions from design and engineering, various prototypes, rapid moulding technology for injection moulding, and small-scale production of various products. Prototech has been a leading 3D printing company for 27 years, dedicated to the growth of global 3D printing equipment and technology and developing holistic 3D printing solutions.

Model Solution‘s business areas include high-fidelity prototypes, moulds/injections, and small-scale production of various products, all of which place the highest demands on 3D printing technology. The company has state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure that include Stratasys‘ 3D printing facilities

Prototech was founded in 1995 when the concept of 3D printing was still largely unfamiliar. The first-generation 3D printing company supplies global 3D printing solutions such as Stratasys, Materialize, TRUMPF, and Desktop Metal to various industries, colleges, and research institutes in Korea. The company not only supplies and maintains equipment but also provides part manufacturing services to leading companies using various types of 3D printers as assets. It also actively invests in developing 3D printing applications.

Prototech is the first AS9100 (Aerospace and Defense Quality Management System) certified company in the Korean 3D printing industry to supply parts for the domestic aerospace industry. As Model Solution expands its customer base in the growing aerospace industry, Prototech’s AS9100 certification is of particular importance.

Meanwhile, Model Solution has been expanding its business since completing its listing on the KOSDAQ market in October 2022. The company has begun to actively nurture its CM (Contract Manufacturing) business unit, which became a separate Division last year. Model Solution is also actively pursuing growth by expanding into large customers in North America and expanding into new markets in Europe.

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