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Qualitor Automotive Shanghai Showcases Michelin Wiper Blades at CAPAS

Qualitor Automotive (Shanghai) Co, Ltd participated in the recent Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) with its wide range of Michelin Wiper Blades.

“We are the authorised licensee of Michelin wiper blades and are responsible for the production, sales and marketing of Michelin products. The markets that we cover include Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Macao. We are currently looking for distributors to expand to the Malaysia and Singapore markets,” said Sales Director Alan Ma.

According to him, Qualitor Automotive is a wholly owned subsidiary company set up in 2013 by Qualitor Inc, a leading diversified supplier of aftermarket safety and braking parts for the automotive and heavy duty truck industries. The group headquarters is located in Lima, Ohio with Pylon and IBI as its two main business units. Pylon is the exclusive licensee responsible for the manufacture and marketing of the Michelin and DuPont line of quality wiper blades throughout North America, South America, Asia and some parts of Europe. Additionally, Pylon is also a manufacturer of Toyota OES wiper blades for North and South America.

The Michelin wiper blade series currently available are RainForce, Hybrid and the new Stealth. Ma claimed that the Michelin RainForce wiper blade was the ideal replacement solution for many older vehicles with the traditional arm style, while the Michelin Hybrid Wiper was a proven revolution in wiper blade design that provided a superior wipe in all seasons. The new Michelin Stealth Hybrid wiper blade, he said, was the most advanced wiper in the market. It featured the company’s unique ‘Smart Flex’ design that adapted to the windscreen’s shape to provide a ‘superior contact’ across the entire blade. This was said to result in streak-free, quiet wipes, time after time. Its patented hybrid design was described as a leap in enabling a clear view of the road ahead.

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