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Quality is Affordable with Rovelo Tyres

The Rovelo brand continues to offer safety and quality at a consumer-friendly price, which enables it to retain customer’s trust and loyalty. 

STC Tyre Mart Invests in Brand Building 

“Many brands have found the key to success through making their quality affordable and Rovelo wanted to be one of them. Consumers are generally more price sensitive than before the pandemic and this gives Rovelo a good opportunity to further penetrate the local market,” said Ang Beng Loo, Sales Manager of STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd.

STC Tyre Mart brought the Rovelo brand to Malaysia in 2014. Since then, the brand had grown steadily over the years. Unlike parallel importers, Ang said the company was here to stay and invested in brand building with an extensive network and good after-sales service support. The company ensured that the Rovelo tyre line-up that it introduced was suitable for local road conditions and weather. More importantly, the Rovelo tyres that were distributed by the company were covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

The Vietnam-made Rovelo tyre line-up that the company distributes includes passenger car radial (PCR) tyres, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) tyres and commercial vehicle tyres. The PCR tyres are the RHP-A68 (available sizes from 12” to 16”) and RHP-780 (13” to 15”), High Performance (HP) tyres as well as ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres – the Sport A1 (15” to 20”) and RPX 988 (16” to 17”)……

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Rovelo 轮胎提供负担得起的优良品质


Rovelo 品牌继续以消费者友好价格提供安全和品质,保持客户对该品牌的信任和忠诚度。

STC Tire Mart 私人有限公司销售经理洪明如表示:“许多品牌通过为消费者提供负担得起的品质找到了成功的关键,而 Rovelo 想成为其中之一。消费者比冠病大流行之前对价格更加敏感,这为 Rovelo 提供了进一步打入本地市场的好机会。” 

2014年,STC Tire Mart将 Rovelo 品牌引进马来西亚。该品牌自此稳步发展多年。洪明如说,与平行进口商不同的是该公司将在这里长期发展并投资于品牌建设。STC Tire Mart拥有广泛的网络和良好的售后服务支持,并会确保所推出的 Rovelo 轮胎系列适合本地的路况和天气。更重要的是,该公司分销的 Rovelo 轮胎都享有制造商的保修。

该公司分销越南制造的 Rovelo 轮胎系列,其中包括轿车子午胎 (PCR)、运动型多功能车 (SUV) 轮胎和商用车轮胎。 轿车子午胎有 RHP-A68(尺寸从 12 16寸)和 RHP-780(13 15)、高性能 (HP) 轮胎以及超高性能 (UHP) 轮胎 – Sport A1(15 至20)和 RPX 988(16 至17)…….


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