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Raaz Aspire Sdn Bhd Joins Hankook Masters Family

Raaz Aspire Hankook Masters
With only four years experience in the tyre industry, Raaz Aspire Sdn Bhd has opened six tyre shops, including one Hankook Masters outlet and another sub brand of Hankook in Setia Alam and Ara Damansara respectively.

Raaz Aspire Sdn Bhd Becomes a Proud Member of the Hankook Masters Family

Jeff Chin is one of the founders of Raaz Aspire Sdn Bhd. He worked as an accountant before joining the tyre industry. The company joined the Hankook Malaysia family in 2015, and they target to open one to two tyre shops per year.

“Four years ago, I realised that tyre is a necessity product. Therefore, I ...

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