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Roadone HF252 TBR Tyre Now Available in Malaysia

Roadone HF252 TBR Tyre

The Roadone HF252 is a steer/trailer position of all-position tyre targeted at  the city bus, intercity bus and car carrier trailer market.

Kitar Teliti Adds New Roadone HF252 to its Product Portfolio

Johor based Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Roadone tyres in Malaysia, has recently added the new Roadone HF252 truck and bus radial (TBR) tyre to its product portfolio.

This, the company said, is in line with its effort of meeting the demand of the various commercial vehicles, including in applications, requirements, loading capacity and road conditions in the truck and bus tyre segment through broadening its product offering.

Designed for standard loading, medium and long-haul operation, suitable for high way and national usage, the Roadone HF252 is a steer/trailer position or all-position tyre. It is targeted at the city bus, intercity bus and car carrier trailer market.

Kitar Teliti said, the new tyre features a unique four-layer belt structure that enhanced handling and safety. Its proprietary bead construction, with new enhanced steel cords increases the tyre’s loading strength. The company added that the HF252 is also very durable, thanks to its newly improved tread compounds, which were developed by the Hixih Group…..

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陆通轮胎马来西亚独家经销商–柔佛Kitar Teliti私人有限公司,近日将全新的陆通HF252卡车子午胎添加到其产品组合中。该公司表示,他们通过不断扩大产品供应,努力迎合卡客车领域不同商用车的各种应用、需求、载重量及路况。


Kitar Teliti表示,此新轮胎采用独特的四层带束层结构设计,大大增强轮胎的操控性和安全性。其专利胎圈结构,新型钢丝材料做补强层,提高轮胎载重强度。该公司也补充说,采用华群橡胶工业集团研发的全新改良胎面胶料配方的HF252轮胎,非常耐磨。


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