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Rona Brothers: Webmax CRM Module Nurtures Customer Relationship

Rona Brothers was doing its invoicing manually before it deployed the Webmax system.

Rona Brothers Invests in Webmax Workshop 

As a new player in the automotive industry that started its business in 2020, Sungai Lalang-Sungai Petani-based Rona Brothers Enterprise was using Microsoft Excel for its business accounting needs.

“It was Prowheels Distributor Malaysia that introduced the Webmax cloud-based workplace solution to us. We were impressed and convinced by the product demo that was carried out by the Webmax’s representative and switched to the Webmax system,” said Managing Director Muhammad Firdaus Zanudin.

The company was doing its invoicing manually before it deployed the Webmax system. Even by digital means, he said manual invoicing was not a holistic approach as it couldn’t be integrated with payment gateways and ‘there was no way we could create a report in real time’. 

With the Webmax Workshop, he pointed out, ordering, invoicing, inventory control, accounting and human resource management, including payroll, were all in good hands. Organising finances in compliance with accounting standards became hassle free while more accurate billing and payment tracking, data analysis and various reports such as profit and loss, balance sheet, inventory level and many more were as easy as a click of a button… 

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Rona 兄弟:Webmax CRM 模块培养客户关系


2020年开业,位于双溪拉浪-双溪大年的新进汽车行业业者Rona兄弟企业,最初使用 Microsoft Excel来做账。 

董事经理菲尔道斯(Muhammad Firdaus Zanudin)表示:“马来西亚Prowheels经销商向我们介绍了Webmax基于云的工作场所解决方案。我们被Webmax代表的产品演示所说服,并决定改用 Webmax系统。”




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