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Rydanz Provides Designated Tyres for TCSA Championship

Rydanz is the only designated tyre in the TCSA race competition and has won the praise of participants. 

Rydanz Demonstrates its Performance in Sepang International Circuit

Rydanz is the only tyre brand currently run by Duratti Rubber Corporation Co, Ltd in China. As a high-end tyre manufacturing service provider, Duratti Rubber Corporation is committed to making Rydanz an international high-end tyre brand. 

Rydanz tyres benefit from leading technology research and development teams to continually hone and transform them on the racing track known as the ‘Tyre Mobile Lab’. He has actively participated in the China Ring Tower (International) Rally, D1 Drift Grand Prix China Cup, China Car Drift Championship (CDC), SEC Super Endurance Race, TCSA (Touring Car Series Asia) and other international sports events, and won numerous awards. 

After several years, Rydanz not only meets the high-end needs of various customers but is also making great progress in brand building and after-sales service. 

Kai Shen Marketing Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Rydanz tyres in Malaysia, carries the full range from Passenger Car Radial (PCR) tyres, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) tyres, 4×4 tyres to Run-flat tyres (RFT).

In the 7th and 8th rounds of the TCSA race events that took place on August 24th at the Sepang International Circuit, Kai Shen Marketing invited several tyre dealers to watch the event so that they could see for themselves the performance of the ergonomic tyres in race conditions on a highly competitive track. 

TCSA, an international event, is one of the more popular races in the region. The participating vehicles are production cars categorised according to engine displacements. There are strict modification restrictions on the body and aerodynamic details. Most vehicles used in the current races are mainly the Type R series produced by Honda. 

As for the engine, suspension and braking systems, a certain amount of modification is allowed. Currently, this Asian Touring Car series is recognised by the FIA as an international championship. 

Rydanz is the only designated tyre in this race competition and has won the praise of participants. 

The only designated tyre for this championship is the Rydanz RF300 racing tyre. This tyre was developed in 2018 and underlined Rydanz’ continuous efforts in developing new technologies. 

In the recent TCSA Asian Touring Car Tour of Sepang, the Singapore SPC-Ridden-SPORSKY team driver Yiu Long shared his experience in using the Rydanz RF300 tyres. “The hot weather conditions and high-speed corners of the Sepang circuit cause the tyres to wear quickly. It is understandable. Basically, the performance of the Rydanz tyres is very satisfactory and they continue to perform stably under fierce competition. Its proper grip and solid sidewall performance allow the driver to focus more on high speed racing. I am very satisfied with the performance of the Rydanz tyre.” 

He said Rydanz Tire’s R&D engineers were also at the circuit to collect professional statistics and analysis, and a lot of tyre ‘real combat’ information. 

This valuable information is expected to be applied in the research and development of new products as Rydanz sees its technology benefiting from the experience and being capable of developing new products to lay a firm foundation for expanding abroad. 

By being heavily involved in race competitions to constantly hone its products, Rydanz sees that as bringing customers a better tyre with more technology and at the same time, helping race drivers achieve even better results.




雷登轮胎(Rydanz)是中国山东多路驰橡胶股份有限公司(Duratti Corporation Co, Ltd)目前旗下运营的唯一品牌。作为高端轮胎制造商,该公司致力于使雷登轮胎成为国际高端轮胎品牌。 

雷登依托领先的技术研发团队,在被誉为“轮胎移动实验室”的赛车场上不断磨砺和蜕变。先后积极参与环塔(国际)拉力赛,D1飘移大奖赛中国杯、中国汽车飘移锦标赛(CDC)、SEC超级耐力赛、亚洲房车巡回赛(Touring Car Series in Asia,简称为TCSA)等国内外各类运动赛事,并多次斩获大奖。 


凯胜行销私人有限公司(Kai Shen Marketing Sdn Bhd)是雷登轮胎在马来西亚的唯一经销商,提供乘用车子午胎,休旅车(SUV)轮胎,四驱车轮胎到漏气保用轮胎的全系列产品。 

在8月24日雪邦国际赛车场举行的第7轮和第8轮TCSA比赛中,凯胜行销邀请了大马 雷登轮胎代理商出席观看比赛,让他们能亲眼看到符合工程学的赛用轮胎在竞争激烈的赛道上比赛的表现。 

TCSA是一项国际性赛事,也是最普及、最受欢迎的赛事之一,参赛车辆为市售的生产型轿车,并根据引擎排量分组,同时在车身和空气电动力学设计上都有着严苛的改装限制。目前这项比赛车队所使用的车辆大多数为本田品牌(Honda)的 Type R车系。 





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