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Sailun EcoPoint3 Targets Sustainability and Performance

Sailun EcoPoint3 Sustainability Performance

Sailun was only formed 20 years ago in Qindao as a technology and testing platform for tyres.

Sailun Participates in The Tire Cologne

It has developed and grown in the past two decades and is now in the top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world, out of around 400.

With seven production facilities (four in China, two in Vietnam and one in Cambodia), Sailun has developed to hold a presence in the global market with dealerships throughout the world, taking its tyres into competition with long-standing producers. European sales have reached a stable 7 million tyres per year.

However, Sailun is not satisfied with being just another tyre manufacturer, and it has plans to grow and develop its technology. At the presentation of its new EcoPoint3 at The Tire Cologne, the company made some dramatic statements about its technology.

Sailun has taken the view that to make gains over the competition; it isn’t just enough to rely on price. There also has to be a performance advantage, and that advantage when chasing the market has to be twice the level of the competition.  To this end, a range of Sailun tyres made with  EcoPoint3 technology was tested widely in Germany…..

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20年前,赛轮在青岛成立,作为一个轮胎技术和测试平台。在过去 20 年中,它不断地发展壮大,如今赛轮在全球大约400 家轮胎制造商中位列前20 名。

目前拥有七个生产设施(中国四个、越南两个和柬埔寨一个)的赛轮,已在全球市场占有一席之地。其遍布全球的轮胎经销商一直与其他的轮胎生产商长期竞争。赛轮在欧洲的销售量稳定,每年可达 700 万条。

然而,赛轮并不满足于仅仅成为一家轮胎制造商,并计划开发和发展其技术。赛轮在科隆国际轮胎展( The Tire Cologne) 展示其全新的 EcoPoint3 轮胎时,对其技术发表了一些引人注目的声明。

赛轮认为要在竞争中获利,不能仅仅依靠价格,还必须有性能优势。在追逐市场时,这种优势必须是竞争对手的两倍。为此,采用 EcoPoint3 技术制造的一系列赛轮轮胎在德国进行了广泛的测试…..


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