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Sailun Top Management Team Visits STC Tyre Mart

STC Tyre Mart, the exclusive distributor of Rovelo tyres in Malaysia, hosted a welcome dinner reception for the Sailun Group top management team.

STC Tyre Mart Welcomes Sailun Top Management

The top management team of Sailun Group visited STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd recently. Manufactured by the Sailun Group of Companies, Rovelo has received encouraging response from the local market.

STC Tyre Mart, the exclusive distributor of Rovelo tyres in Malaysia, hosted a welcome dinner reception at Kingdom Palace, Petaling Jaya on 12th March for the Sailun Group top management team. The team comprised Chairman and President Yuan Zhong Xue, Vice President David Ji, Vice President Bruce Zhou, Assistant President Sam Zhou, Sales Director Andy Wang and Business Development Manager Will Yan of the Sailun Group. They were welcomed by President Wee Kok Wah, Executive Director Dawn Wee, Senior Vice President and Head of Singapore Operations & Supply Chain Clare Law, Senior Purchasing Management Tang Kay Kay of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited, Executive Vice President and CEO Cham Soon Kian, Director Datin Anne Leong, Deputy CEO Conson Tiu Sia, Head of Department Finance & Operations Chng Lee Lee of Stamford Tyres Malaysia, Sales Manager Ang Beng Loo of Rovelo & SSW and Assistant Manager of Purchasing & Marketing Chye Chew Yong of Stamford Tyres Malaysia as well as General Manager Erwin Chua of Stamford Tyres Indonesia. It was a delightful evening with good food during which the hosts and guests exchanged their thoughts and fostered their relationship.

Both parties had a meeting the following day. To provide a better understanding of the local market and ‘in-store’ experience, STC Tyre Mart organised a field trip for the Rovelo top management team. The 4 dealers that they visited were MK Tyre Centre and Ban Hooi in Shah Alam, YB Tyre Services in Pandan Indah and STC Tyre in Taman Maluri, Cheras. It was a fruitful visit as the team took the opportunity to interact with the dealers and gather feedback on Rovelo tyres for further improvements.

In the evening, there was a Rovelo dealer appreciation dinner at the Seafood World in Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya. A total of 24 dealers were recognised with appreciation awards for their efforts.

Established in 2002, Sailun Group Co, Ltd was China’s first ‘A’ listed tyre company. The company has reached an annual operating income of more than RMB13 billion and products sold in more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, USA and Africa.


赛轮最高管理层参观STC Tyre Mart


赛轮集团最高管理层近日拜访STC Tyre  Mart 私人有限公司。由赛轮集团公司所生产的Rovelo品牌,深获本地市场的喜爱。

STC Tyre Mart 于3月12日假八打灵再也Kingdom Palace宴请赛轮集团最高管理层。赛轮管理层团队包括赛轮董事长袁仲雪、副总裁纪长崑、集团副总裁周波、助理董事长Sam Zhou、销售总监Andy Wang及业务发展经理Will Yan。他们受到添福胶胎股份有限公司总裁黄国华、执行董事Dawn Wee、高级副总裁兼新加坡营运及供应链主管Clare Law、添福胶胎股份有限公司高级采购管理Tang Kay Kay、副首席执行员Conson Tiu Sia、马来西亚添福胶胎金融及营运主管Chng Lee Lee、Rovelo及SSW总经理洪明如、大马添福胶胎采购及行销副经理Chye Chew Yong及印尼添福胶胎总经理Erwin Chua 热烈欢迎。在美酒佳肴和充满欢乐的晚餐气氛下, 双方言谈甚欢,进一步加深了彼此的关系。

第二天双方开会后,为了让赛轮最高管理层对本地市场和STC Tyre Mart有更深的了解和实际的门店体验,特别为安排了一个实地考察。他们拜访了当地4家代理商,包括位于沙亚南的MK Tyre Centre和Ban Hooi、 Pandan Indah的YB Tyre Services及蕉赖Taman Maluri 的STC Tyre。该团队从这次的考察中获益良多,他们除了有机会直接与代理交流沟通外,也可收集有关Rovelo轮胎的反馈,进一步改善产品。


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