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Save Time and Money with Bendix SwiftFit Disc Brake Rotors

Do not grind off the anti-rust coating of Bendix Rotors, it will wear off naturally after 40-60 braking stops. 

Bendix Rotors Offers Very Latest in Braking Technology 

Gone are the days when you need to clean off a layer of oil coating before fitting on new rotors. With the latest anti-rust technology, SwiftFit Coatings, FMP Automotive Malaysia notes, it allows Bendix Rotors to be fitted immediately, right out of the box, with no more cleaning required before fitting!

The company have also added that it’s important to fit Bendix Rotors that DO NOT grind off the anti-rust coating, as improper handling will create an uneven surface and lead to Disc Thickness Variation. This layer of anti-rust coating shall wear off naturally after 40 – 60 braking stops. 

Key Technologies

FMP Automotive Malaysia states that Bendix Rotors offer the very latest in braking technology and manufacturing processes. Innovative technologies like SwiftFit Coating for faster, easier installation, Stealth Advance for cleaner, quieter braking and Matrix Machining for smoother, more consistent stopping performance. Bendix rotors are the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range, the company adds……. 

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在安装新制动盘前,需要清除一层油膜的日子已经成为过去。 马来西亚FMP Automotive 指出,采用最新防锈技术的SwiftFit 涂层使奔德士的刹车盘在安装前无需清洗,可以即装即用! 

该公司还补充说,重要的是要安装不磨掉防锈涂层的奔德士刹车盘,因为不正确的处理将导致表面的不平整,致使刹车盘厚度产生变化。该防锈涂层会在40 – 60次刹停后自然磨损。 


马来西亚FMP Automotive 表示,奔德士刹车盘提供了最新的制动技术和制造工艺。 SwiftFit 涂层等创新技术可实现更快,更轻松的安装; Stealth Advance可实现更清洁,更安静的刹车; Matrix Machining可实现更平稳,更一致的刹车性能。该公司补充说,奔德士刹车盘是奔德士广泛刹车片系列的完美搭配…..。


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