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SC3OCT Mobile Launches New ‘SOS’ Tyre Breakdown Assistance Application for Android and iOS

SC3OCT Mobile SOS Tyre

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group has recently launched the first version of a mobile app – the SC3OCT Mobile.

SC3OCT Mobile Offers Total Transparency in Roadside Assistance

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group has recently launched the first version of a mobile app as part of the growth of the company’s Mobile service division, SC3OCT Mobile, which has been aided by investments in the company’s outdoor network. This mobile app will allow customers to alert the company to a tyre-related breakdown at the touch of a button. 

The SC3OCT MobileSOS app’ has been produced for both driver safety but also for customers to get total transparency when it comes to roadside assistance. For too long, commercial tyre rescue has been a murky industry in Malaysia.  SC3OCT Mobile aims to professionalise the industry to give customers clear and relevant data, total transparency and the safest operation possible.

SC3OCT Mobile now has the largest single, wholly-owned, network of highly-trained breakdown response trucks and the largest coverage network, having over 3,000 prime movers under the company supervision across all of peninsular Malaysia, and the first and only SGS ISO certified network, which has been operating since 2012…..

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SC3OCT Mobile 推出适用于Android和iOS的全新“SOS”轮胎故障援助应用程序

吉隆商用轮胎集团近期推出了第一个版本的移动应用程序,作为该公司SC3OCT Mobile移动服务部门增长的一部分和对公司户外网络的投资。客户可透过这个移动应用程序的按钮通知该公司与轮胎相关的故障。

SC3OCT Mobile的“SOS 应用程序”不仅是为了驾驶员安全,也是为了为客户提供完全透明的道路救援。长期以来,商业轮胎救援在马来西亚一直是一个阴暗的行业。SC3OCT Mobile 旨在将该行业专业化,为客户提供清晰和相关的数据、完全透明和最安全的操作。

SC3OCT Mobile 现在拥有最大的单一、全资、训练有素的故障应援卡车网络和覆盖网络。该公司在全马拥有超过 3,000 辆受其监管的牵引车,而且是自2012年来第一个,也是唯一获得 SGS ISO 认证的网络……..


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