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Schmaco Continue to Develop Export Markets

Following their attendance at the Saigon exhibition in 2017 last year, Schmaco Automotive Rubber Parts, were making their second appearance at Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City.

Export Markets Focus for Schmaco

Schmaco’s Assistant General Manager Kenneth Tan at Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City said, “as it’s our second appearance at the show, we are seeing a lot of familiar faces and a lot of foreigners from nearby markets. We are happy with the attendance we are seeing.”

Schmaco are an ISO certified automotive manufacturer in Malaysia, who specialise in producing rubber components for the automotive replacement market. Their product range includes engine and absorber mounting, spring bumper, lower arm bushing, stabilizer bar, spring and shock & bumper bushes, C.V. and steering boots. The products are specially designed for various application of Japanese vehicles from passenger cars to SUVs to 4-wheel drives to trucks. 

Tan gave us some detail on their product focus at the show, “mainly we are promoting the mountings and bushes this week, due to their fast moving nature. Another motivation for us is promoting the 1-year warranty that we offer. This is to highlight the confidence we have in our offerings.” 

On the product development process, he said, “we develop all of our products from the ground up. The dimensions are 100% original to Toyota, Mazda and Nissan.

Schmaco began their business in Malaysia back in 2013, which the company admit has proved to be a difficult hurdle to overcome, simply because of their late arrival to the market. This in combination with the plethora of Chinese products at play in the domestic Malaysia product means that the company has had to fight tooth and nail to position itself well at home.

Tan threw a light on the situation for The Tyreman, “since we came late to the market, we have had to work hard to get to the position we find ourselves at today. This has meant we have had to extensively promote the Schmaco brand in Malaysia. This is a strategy that is a process of continuous improvement and of emphasising the brand’s quality.”

At this stage, the company exports approximately 70% of its products globally to locations as far and wide as Australia, Dubai, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji Islands, Italy, Russia and Trinidad to name but a few.

“The first export market for Schmaco was Iraq. But, nowadays our main export businesses are in Russia, the Middle East and Central America, but we are always looking for new opportunities,” explained Schmaco’s representative.

These export markets were another preoccupation at the show for the company, meaning it probably won’t come as surprise to learn that the company were looking to find a partner in the Vietnamese market.

“Obviously, over the next few days we will looking to make contacts in the Vietnamese market to try to help develop our business here. Normally, we endeavour to locate a distributor or buyer in the country to start a business and engage our brand in that country,” Tan pointed out.

He expanded, “we are trying to work more with locals, as we want to support local business to work with them in an open and honest way.”

Naturally, the conversation turned to the plans for the future and the ongoing projects that Schmaco were undertaking. Tan revealed that due to their under capacity they were looking at collaborating more with suppliers, especially with steel companies to aid their expansion. On top of this, the company also revealed that they were developing mobile applications due for introduction at the end of next year.


Schmaco 继续开发出口市场


2017年参加西贡展览会后,这是Schmaco Automotive Rubber  Parts 第二次参加越南(胡志明市 )国际汽配展。 

Schmaco 总经理Kenneth Tan在展会上表示:由于这是我们第二次参加这个展会,我们看到了许多熟悉的面孔,还有许多来自邻近市场的外国人。我们对出席的人数感到满意。 

Schmaco 是一家拥有ISO 认证的马来西亚汽车零部件制造商, 专门为汽车替换市场生产橡胶组件。 他们的产品包括引擎和减震器支架 、弹簧挡板、下臂套管、平衡杆、弹簧及避震器、保险杆套管及转向橡皮套。这些产品是专门针对日本汽车的应用而设计,从休旅车(SUV) 、四驱车到卡车。 

Kenneth Tan告诉我们有关他们在该展会中的产品重点。他说:我们在这个星期里主要是推广支架和套管,因为它们是快销产品。另外,我们也 在推广我们所提供的1年保修。这显示了我们对产品的信心。

谈到产品发展过程,他说:我们的所有产品都是 从头开始开发的。它们是百分之百的丰田、马自达及日产的原件。

Schmaco 2013年起开始在马来西亚营业,他们承认起步比较晚,使他们比较难于克服障碍。再加上马来西亚的市场上充塞着过多的中国产品 ,意味着他们必须奋力作战,才能在国内市场站稳脚跟。

他解释:就因为我们是市场的后来者,我们必须非常努力才能达到我们现在所处的位置。这表示我们必须在马来西亚广泛地推广Schmaco 品牌。这是一个不断改善和强调品牌品质过程的策略。 

目前,该公司将70% 的产品出口到全球各地,澳大利亚、迪拜、  厄瓜多尔、埃及、斐济岛、意大利、俄罗斯及特立尼达岛 等。             

“Schmac 的第一个出口市场是伊朗。然而我们现在的主要出口国家是俄罗斯、中东及美国中部。不过,我们一直在寻找新的商机。他表示。   

这些出口市场也 是该公司参与该 展会的另一个当务之急。这样一来,该公司想要在越南市场 寻找一个伙伴就不足为奇了。 

接下来的几天,我们会开始在越南市场进行一些联系,尝试在这里开发业务。一般上,我们会先在一个国家找一个经销商或买家 ,然后在该国推广我们的品牌。 


我们与他们的谈话 很自然地转到未来计划和该公司目前正在进行的项目。  他透露说,因为他们的产能低,他们希望透过与供应商,特别是铝公司的更多合作扩充业务。此外,他还表示,他们正在开发手机应用程序,并计划在明年底前推出。


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