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Shandong Duratti Presents High-End Rydanz Tyre Brand

Shandong Duratti Rydanz Tyre

General Manager Wang Qiang not only brought his team to the CITEXPO 2019 but was also on hand to communicate with the many visitors.

Shandong Duratti at CITEXPO 2019 

Rydanz Tire is the only brand currently produced by Shandong Duratti Rubber Corpration Co, Ltd. As a high-end tyre manufacturer, Duratti is committed to making Rydanz an international high-end tyre brand.

Rydanz does not take the road of low prices and is determined to be China’s high-end passenger car radial tyres. In recent years, to prove that the quality of Chinese tyres is not lower than those produced in foreign countries, Rydanz Tire relied on its leading technology research and development team, known as the ‘Tyre Mobile Lab’, to continuously hone and change its products in the racing field. The company has actively participated in the Ring Tower (International) Rally, D1 Drift Grand Prix China Cup, China Car Drift Championship (CDC), SEC Super Endurance Race, TCSA Asia Touring Tour and other international sports events, and won numerous trophies.

At the competition arena, not are only the drivers and technical team from Rydanz being seen but also its tyre R&D engineers who conduct professional statistics and analysis, and collect huge tyre ‘combat’ information. This valuable information is then applied to the research and development of new products, so that Rydanz‘s technology would become more experienced and be capable of new products. This is expected to lay a firm foundation for the brand going abroad.

After several years of development, Rydanz tyres not only meet the high-end needs of all kinds of customers but the company is also making great progress in brand building and after-sales service by bringing better tyres with more ‘scientific content’ to customers. .

General Manager Wang Qiang not only brought his team to the CITEXPO 2019 but was also on hand to communicate with the many visitors and explore the potential in business cooperation.








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