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Shell Malaysia Showcases Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence & Wearable Technology

The 4th edition of Shell Technovation focused on leveraging technology advances in the digital age to deliver next-generation products and services.

The 4th Edition of Shell Technovation 2019

Shell Malaysia showcased several next-generation lubricant solutions for its business-to-business (B2B) customers that incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and wearable technology, among others, at the recent Shell Technovation 2019

Shell Technovation is an annual gathering of more than 200 loyal corporate customers of industrial lubricants from the construction, mining and quarry industries.   

The fourth edition of Shell Technovation featured a conference that focused on leveraging technology advances in the digital age to deliver next-generation products and services more efficiently and effectively.  

Among the services presented was Shell LubeChat, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot tool designed to give consumers and B2B lubricant customers easy, real-time access to product support, technical services and lubricants data.  It is available in desktop and mobile versions and could be accessed 24/7. 

Shell says its introduction of wearable technology allows its technical field personnel to conduct on-site equipment inspection and communicate in real-time with other Shell technical experts, not just in Malaysia but also other parts of the world, for accurate diagnosis and prompt resolution. This enables customers to receive Shell’s vast global technical knowledge, expertise and resources in an effective manner. 

Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore Baljit Singh said the annual Shell Technovation reaffirmed the company’s belief in the power of partnerships with its customers. 

“At Shell, we are constantly innovating to maintain technology leadership in lubricants. We aim to leverage the latest technology to create products and services that work to lower the total cost of ownership while delivering sustained and tangible value to businesses,” he said. 

The event concluded with an appreciation dinner that acknowledged industry partners and customers who contributed to Shell’s position as the top lubricants supplier in the world for the last 12 consecutive years.




大马蚬壳(Shell Malaysia)在日前举办的2019年壳牌科技展(Shell Technovation 2019)上为商对商(B2B)客户展出了几项结合人工智慧(AI)与穿戴科技的新一代润滑油解决方案。 



这些服务包括人工智慧聊天机器人蚬壳LubeChat,为消费者和B2B 润滑油客户提供简单、即时获得的产品支援、科技服务以及润滑油资料。该应用程式兼备电脑及手机版,且全年无休提供服务。 


蚬壳润滑油大马及新加坡总经理巴尔吉特(Baljit Singh)指出,年度蚬壳牌科技展再一次确立了公司坚信与客户合作的力量。 






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