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Speedwork Autocare Bridging the Online-to-Offline Auto Care Servicing Gap

Speedwork Autocare Servicing

Speedwork Autocare entered the Malaysian market in Dec 2020 to bridge the gap between online browsing, the  conclusion of sales to offline installation. 

Speedwork Autocare Aims for Expansion

Building on its success in providing digital solutions for auto parts distributors and stores in China, Singapore-based Speedwork Autocare entered the Malaysian market in Dec 2020.

“There is a shift towards digitalisation in the auto parts sector and automotive servicing industry, with many migrating their bricks-and-mortar business online. E-commerce has benefited both consumers and resellers. As the purchase frequency of many automotive components, including tyres is relatively long and not that rapid, consumers are not familiar with these products and require additional information. They browse the internet for product research, price checks, and making comparisons with the available options for their vehicles. However, for auto parts such as tyres, car owners require the seamless integration of online purchasing and offline installation. As for the tyre resellers, they need a platform provider to bridge the gap between online browsing, the conclusion of sales to offline installation, with management functionality such as a point of sales (POS) system with billing and invoicing. Other elements to consider are stock management and replenishment, as well as a customer relationship management system (CRM), and other conditions. This is where Speedwork Autocare (www.speedwork.com) comes into play,” said Chris Bloor, Director, Speedwork Networks Pte Ltd.

The rationale of building this digital platform, he pointed out is to connect the auto care workshop operators with the online consumers. Speedwork Autocare, he explained, is not only just a tyre retail online platform, it includes all the products and servicing related to an automobile. It is a customised one-stop e-commerce solution specifically for the industry, as compared to Lazada and Shopee that sell almost everything, but with limited resources on the installation and related services for auto parts.

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Speedwork Autocare 弥合线上到线下汽车护理服务缺口

在成功为中国汽车零部件分销商和商店提供数字解决方案后,总部位于新加坡的 Speedwork Autocare 于 2020 年12月进军马来西亚市场。

Speedwork Networks私人有限公司董事成博文(Chris Bloor)表示:“汽车零部件和汽车维修行业正朝着数字化转型发展,许多业者将实体业务转移到网上。消费者和经销商都能从电子商务中受益。由于许多汽车零部件,包括轮胎的购买频率相对较长且速度不快,消费者对这些产品并不熟悉,因此需要额外的信息。他们浏览互联网搜索产品、检查价格并将适合他们车辆的产品进行比较。然而,像轮胎等汽车零部件,车主需要线上采购与线下安装的无缝结合。对轮胎零售商而言,他们则需要一个平台提供商来弥合在线浏览、销售完成与线下安装之间的缺口。最好还具有管理功能,例如具备开单和开发票能力的销售点 (POS) 系统平台。其他功能包括库存管理和补货,以及客户关系管理系统 (CRM)等。这就是 Speedwork Autocare (www.speedwork.net) 发挥作用的地方”。

他指出,建立这个数字平台的原因是为了将汽车维修厂业主与在线消费者联系起来。他解释说,Speedwork Autocare 是专门为汽车维修行业定制的一站式电子商务解决方案。它不仅是一个轮胎零售在线平台,它还包括其他与汽车相关的所有产品和服务。与来赞达(Lazada)和虾皮(Shopee)相比,这两大几乎什么都卖的平台在汽车零部件的安装与相关服务上却资源有限。


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