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Stamford Tyres: A Full Service Package is the Way Forward for the Future

Stamford Tyres currently looking at various ways of combating this serious shift in the market prospectus.

Stamford Tyres at Tyrexpo Asia 2019 

Whilst at the Tyrexpo Asia show in SingaporeTyreman had an opportunity to chat informally with two leading members of Stamford Tyres management team, Cham Soon Kian, CEO for the Malaysian operation and Ivan Reijan, Vice President for the Fleet and Retail division, to capture their views on how the SEA market is coping with the sudden increase in Chinese tyres into their sector.

Cham Soon Kian pointed out that during the past two to three years the local market has become very tough to trade in, and due to the Chinese anti-dumping tariff duties now in force there has been an increasing amount of new tyre factories (mainly for TBR) opening mainly in Thailand and Vietnam. He adds, “This has therefore led to there being even more competition, and supply is now so plentiful that even in Singapore there is evidence of more and more tyre brands being offered in the retail market. In effect, the South East Asian market is now at the point of saturation.

“At Stamford Tyres we are currently looking at various ways of combating this serious shift in the market prospectus, which is mainly centred around providing a series of additional value added services to our customer base, which includes selling our tyres direct to the end user as much as we can.”

Ivan Reijan adds, “The services we have introduced include further increasing our activities around Stamford’s mobile tyre services and facilities and also in truck retreading services. Other new alternative services include increasing mechanical work, lubrication, tyre changes, tyre repair and wheel alignment plus a complete ‘one-stop’ services to truckers. It’s a huge challenge but Stamford Tyres firmly believes that creating a comprehensive ‘all-in’ service to all customers that integrates all facilities as a complete package is definitely the way forward for the future and in five years time will be expected by drivers as part of garage services.

“In effect we are now looking to create a full solution package to every customer’s complete mobility requirements on an ongoing basis.”




在新加坡亚洲轮胎展期间,《轮胎世界》有机会与添福胶胎马来西亚首席执行员詹训建和车队及零售部副总裁雷詹(Ivan Reijan)交谈, 从中了解他们如何应对东南亚市场里中国轮胎数量突然大增的情况。



雷詹补充:“我们所提供的服务包括进一步增加添福的移动轮胎服务和设备,以及翻胎服务的活动。其他的替代服务包括增加机械工作、润滑、更换轮胎、轮胎修理、车轮定位及为运输业者提供一个完整的‘一站式 ’服务。这是个巨大的挑战,但是添福胶胎坚信为所有客户创建一个包含所有设备的‘全方位服务’配套,绝对是未来的发展方向,并将是5年内司机所预期的修车厂服务的一部分。”




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