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Stamford Tyres Malaysia, STC Tyre Mart Take Part in Charity Activities

Stamford Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd took part in two charity activities on 23rd October.

Stamford Tyres Malaysia & STC Tyre Mart  Demonstrate Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility  

The former is the sole distributor of Falken tyres in Malaysia while the latter is the sole distributor of Rovelo tyres.

Stamford Tyres Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Conson Sia led the respective sales, marketing and purchasing teams for Falken and Rovelo brand of tyres to participate in the charity activities as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). Armed with gloves and trash bags, the teams picked up litter during the Bukit Wawasan Charity Hike in Puchong, which was their first activity of the day. Many participants expressed concern about the amount of litter that was found along the way……

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大马添福胶胎和STC Tyre Mart参与慈善活动


10 月 23 日,飞劲轮胎的马来西亚独家经销商–添福胶胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司和 Rovelo轮胎的马来西亚独家经销商—STC Tire Mart 私人有限公司,参加了两项慈善活动。

马来西亚添福胶胎首席执行长Conson Sia 带领飞劲 和Rovelo 品牌轮胎的销售、行销和采购团队参与了慈善活动,作为该公司企业社会责任 (CSR) 的一部分。他们当天的第一项活动是在蒲种举行的武吉宏愿慈善徒步,队员们穿上手套,带着垃圾袋,一边徒步一边捡垃圾。许多参与者都对沿途发现的垃圾数量表示担忧……..



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