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Stamford Tyres & Sumitomo Rubber Participate in Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign

Stamford Tyres Malaysia and Sumitomo Rubber Asia were honoured to be part of this year Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign.

Stamford Tyres Malaysia: Safety for Women is Always Our Priority 

Stamford Tyres Malaysia Sdn Bhd (STM), the sole distributor of Falken tyres in Malaysia, and Sumitomo Rubber Asia (Tyre) Pte Ltd (SRAT) participated in the recent Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign, which they co-sponsored. The 6th edition of the campaign was held at KL Gateway Mall by the Road Safety Marshal Club (RSMC) on 11th June to raise awareness on road safety and street crime for women.

STM Chief Executive Officer Conson Tiu Sia said the company was honoured to be part of this year’s campaign. “Safety for women, including road safety, is always our priority. The campaign also covered surviving road traffic accidents, vehicle anti-snatch device training and vehicle emergency handling, which are in line with our social responsibility initiatives to prevent danger and understand proper safety measures for women behind the wheels…..”

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飞劲轮胎马来西亚独家经销商添福胶胎马来西亚私人有限公司(STM) 和住友橡胶亚洲(轮胎)私人有限公司(SRAT),近期参加了他们共同赞助的女性街头犯罪意识运动。611日,道路安全元帅俱乐部(RSMC)KL Gateway Mall举办了第六届运动,以提高女性对道路安全和街头犯罪的意识。

STM 首席执行长康森(Conson Tiu Sia)表示,该公司很荣幸能够参与今年的活动。 “女性的安全,包括道路安全,始终是我们的首要任务。该运动涵盖任何在道路交通事故中幸存、车辆防抢装置培训和车辆应急处理,这符合我们预防危险和了解女性驾驶者正确安全措施的社会责任举措。”


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