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STDARA Celebrates 37th Anniversary

STDARA Celebrates Anniversary

Sarawak Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (STDARA) recently celebrated its 37th anniversary at the Dinner World Restaurant, Bintulu. The event was well attended by about 500 people.

STDARA Marks 37th Anniversary Celebration

“I urge our members to increase competitiveness. Focus strongly on staff training, ensuring that they have the relevant product knowledge and skills. Besides that, we should be aware of the global trend. The China’s ‘One Belt One Road(OBOR) initiative will boost China’s global influence, especially in the economy. This trade-boosting infrastructure projects are along two routes – one following the ancient Silk Road from China through central Asia and the Middle East to Europe, and the other linking China to Southeast Asia and east Africa by sea. OBOR has benefited Africa and it could aid growth in developing countries, and it is obvious that it would benefit Southeast Asia in many ways. We will be able to tap into this great potential if we change our mind-set and come out with new and innovative solutions. Today, people in China can survive with only RMB100 in their pocket per month, but they can’t survive without a mobile phone as a cashless trend is taking hold with mobile payment. This will happen to Malaysia soon,” said Malaysian Association of Tyre Retreaders & Dealers Societies (MATRDS) President Foo Chong Seng.

He stressed the importance of teamwork. “They are many successful Jewish businessmen in the USA because they have a very strong sense of community and teamwork. There is a Jewish saying; I alone cannot be successful, but we can. Thus, stop treating each other as the enemy. We should challenge each other through healthy competition, such as upgrading our professional image and skills, and continue to improve in our after-sales services and other aspects, but not in price undercutting.”

Meanwhile, STDARA Chairman Low Mong Hong told The Tyreman that the association was established in 1980 and today it had more than 400 members.

“We hope to attract more members, especially the younger generation. This year, we are happy to see that a few of our younger members, such as Jimmy Loh and Bintulu Tyre Dealers Association Chairman Nee Ing Siong, taking a more active role in organising this celebration. Jimmy is the organising chairman for this event. It is important that we provide a supportive environment and let the young members have a chance to demonstrate their talents.”

Low revealed that the Malaysian tyre industry was impacted by some new regulations such as safety standard, consumer protection and environmental protection laws in recent years. “Joining the association has many benefits, such as keeping abreast of every new development; from regulations, training, technology to market trends. We defend the interest of tyre industry players and are in ongoing dialogue with the authorities.”

To help members be more equipped in facing future challenges, Low said the association would organise more seminar and technical training sessions.

Bintulu is an industrial town. Although the development has slowed down over the last two years, it is still full of potential, especially from the palm oil segment. In addition, the Pan-Borneo Highway, which is now in its third year of implementation, is being viewed as a potential game changer that can catalyse the economic growth of Sarawak.”

Apart from the entertainment, the highlights of the night were the cake cutting and toasting ceremony.

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