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Sumitomo Tires Stage a Comeback through Monti Tyre

Monti Tyres Sdn Bhd has brought Sumitomo brand back into Malaysian market after it has been out of the consumer’s sight for almost 18 years. 

Monti Tyres Becomes Sumitomo Tires’ Sole Distributor in Malaysia 

With more than 200 different tyre brands in the current Malaysian tyre market, it is hard to stand out in a crowd of competitors. Every once in a while, a brand falls off the map. It is even harder for a brand to make a comeback if it has been out of the consumer’s sight and mind for almost 18 years. With great confidence and determination, Monti Tyre Sdn Bhd has taken the road less travelled.

Behind this young and dynamic company is none other than tyre industry veteran, Choong Kee Seng, who retired from his previous company where he had worked for 37 years until 31st January 2019. He is now the Sales & Marketing Advisor of Monti Tyre. The company was founded in 2017 by Han Ter Kwang, the current Managing Director, with a humble beginning and a small workforce of 5 people inclusive of sales and management members.

“We started off with Chinese tyre brands, first Vitour and followed by Annite in 2019. Our mission is to introduce and distribute high quality imported tyre to the Malaysian end-users. As for dealers, we want to be viewed as indispensable partners rather than just another distributor to our current customers. We maintain strong and close relationships with our existing customer base while we penetrate new customers.”

Monti Tyre Secures Exclusive Distributorship for Sumitomo Tyres in Malaysia

Monti Tyre courted the relationship with Sumitomo Tires through their Singapore partner’s continuance discussion with Sumitomo Asia (Tyre) Pte Ltd (SRAT) in Singapore. Choong admitted that it was not an easy journey to seal the partnership with Sumitomo as they have had to proof their capability to promote and build the brand while Sumitomo’s management team proved very diligent in their decision making. The discussion started in mid-2019, he said, and Monti Tyre was appointed as the sole distributor for Sumitomo Tires in Malaysia in late 2019….

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在这家年轻和充满活力的公司背后的正是轮胎行业的资深老将钟继生。2019年1月31 日,他从服务了37年的公司退休后,就加入了Monti轮胎,成为该公司的营销顾问。2017年由董事经理Han Ter Kwang所创办的Monti轮胎,一开始的规模不大,只是家五人公司,包括销售人员和管理层。





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