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SweeHing Tyres Marks Milestone in Co-hosting First Apollo PCR Seminar & Product Launch

The first Apollo PCR Seminar & Product Launch was co-organised by Apollo Tyres (Malaysia) SdnBhd andSweeHingTyresSdnBhd, its Passenger Car Radial (PCR) tyre sole distributor for the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia, in December 2016 at the Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru.

“The turnout was good with approximately 200 dealers attending the event. This is to equip our dealers with the necessary product knowledge and skills as well as to help them understand Apollo Tyres more,” said SweeHing Tyres Managing Director Chuang Koon Seng.

SweeHing Tyres, one of the pioneers in the tyre wholesale business, was officially appointed by Apollo Tyres (Malaysia) as its Passenger Car Radial (PCR) tyre sole distributor for the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia in 2016. Koon Seng and General Manager Shin Yang are the father and son team behind the Johor Bahru-based company.

Commenting on the appointment, Koon Seng said: “We are honoured that our expertise and strength in the tyre wholesale business are recognised by Apollo Malaysia. For a long term fruitful relationship, it is important that both share the same vision in growing the brand together. Ongoing support from the manufacturer is crucial, especially in creating brand awareness through marketing activities, advertising and promotions.”

Shin Yang added that Apollo’s association with the Manchester United Football Club helped the company increase its brand visibility across geographical regions, which was a good move. “Before this global partnership, Apollo Tyres was not that well known in the Malaysian market. But now, more and more people are aware of the brand, making it easier to sell. Furthermore, the partnership also reflected the ambitions of Apollo Tyres in positioning its brand and products in the global market place.”

Also worth mentioning is the One Year Unconditional Warranty that covers road hazard damage and defects. Shin Yang stressed that this greatly enhanced the confidence of dealers and consumers. Though all Apollo tyres were covered by this warranty, the claim rate was extremely low and mainly due to road hazards. 

In pricing, Shin Yang said Apollo tyres were reasonably priced and the quality was good.

The local tyre market was very competitive and being a tyre wholesaler, Koon Seng said, one needed to be proactive. Apart from supplying quality products, the company also offers attractive support packages to the dealers, including training, marketing, promotions and reward programmes. 

Shin Yang revealed that the company’s target for 2018would be to continueits effort in helping dealerships increase sales and market share. “Our target will be having 10 dealers carry the Apollo Tyres’ signages and helping them see the benefits of doing so.“

Talking about branding, Koon Seng said advertising helped sellers effectively compete with one another for the attention of buyers. It also helped to develop brand image and awareness, whether at corporate, retail or product level.

“We hope that Apollo Tyres will continue to invest in various forms of advertising, not just because the brand is still quite new in the local market. A strong commitment to an ongoing advertising campaign is essential to remind existing customers that you’re still around.” 

Apart from that, Koon Seng said roadshows, merchandise giveaways and promotions were equally important in creating brand awareness, and thesewere already in the pipeline. All these activities would be jointly organised with Apollo Tyres. 

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