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Teoh Brothers See Strong Potential in Lassa Tyres

About four years ago, in part due to the potential, Shah Alam-based Teoh Brothers (Kemuning) Sdn Bhd saw for Lassa Tyres within Malaysia. 

Teoh Brothers Partner with Lassa Tyres 

“We decided to change our signage because we saw good potential in Lassa even though it was quite a new brand at that time. In fact, we knew that Lassa has been in the tyre business industry since 1974, and has a successful track record elsewhere,” said Managing Director Patrick Teoh.

Having said that, he admitted that what really convinced him that he should invest in this brand is when PTS Marketing Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Lassa Tyres in Malaysia told him more about the brand. “When we knew that the Sabancı Group, the manufacturer of Lassa signed a joint venture agreement with Bridgestone Corporation in 1988, assuming a new name, Brisa, our confidence in the brand increased.  Being the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, we believed that Bridgestone wouldn’t simply partner with a company without potential. Today, Lassa tyres are produced with Brisa’s latest technology, as well as through research and development studies……”

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Teoh Brothers看到Lassa 轮胎的强大潜能


约4年前,位于沙亚南的Teoh Brothers(Kemuning)私人有限公司看到了Lassa轮胎在马来西亚的潜力。

董事经理张国泰表示:“我们看到了 Lassa 的巨大潜力,于是决定更换我们的招牌,尽管当时Lassa在大马市场上仍是个相当新的品牌。事实上,我们知道 Lassa 自 1974 年以来就一直活跃于轮胎行业,并在其他国家拥有良好的业绩表现。” 

话虽如此,他承认,真正说服他的是马来西亚Lassa轮胎独家经销商 PTS行销私人有限公司。他说,他从PTS行销那里知道了更多有关Lassa品牌信息后才决定投资于它。 当我们知道 Lassa 制造商 Sabancı 集团于1988 年与普利司通公司签署了合资协议,并有了新名称 Brisa 时,我们对该品牌的信心增加了。普利司通是世界上最大的轮胎制造商,我们相信它不会与没有潜力的公司合作。如今,Lassa 轮胎是采用Brisa最新技术研发生产而成的……”


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