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The Effects of the Pandemic Outbreak on the Malaysian Tyre Retreading Industry

Retreaders in Malaysia were forced to make changers in response to the pandemic. 

Malaysian Retreaders Strive to Survive 

The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused social and economic disruption in unprecedented ways. Although the impact varied across industries in Malaysia, organisations were forced to make changes in response to the pandemic, including retreaders.

In this issue of The Tyreman, we interviewed several retreaders in the local market to ascertain the impact of the pandemic, their strategies during this period of uncertainty, what have they done to revive sales and gain visibility, as well as where the opportunities and threats lie. The panellists included:

Edmund Wong, Marketing Manager, First Unitex Tyre Retreading Sdn Bhd

Desmond Kew, Executive Director, Highclass Technics Sdn Bhd

Michael Hutt, Group Marketing Manager, Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group

Cheah Siang Gim, Sales and Marketing Manager, Olympics Retreads (M) Sdn Bhd

Edmund Teng, Director, TME Tyre Retreads Sdn Bhd

The Tyreman: What have been the impacts of Covid-19 on the Malaysian tyre retreading industry?

All interviewees said that the pandemic affected them in various ways.

Edmund Wong pointed out that there are many Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) that the industry had to implement, such as routinely sanitising the workplace, providing face masks and face shields for workers, mandatory self-testing for workers and so on.

Production costs have increased tremendously due to rising raw materials and chemical prices such as carbon black as well as an increase in freight forwarding charges. Furthermore, the supply of raw material has been inconsistent because of manpower and material shortages, as well as outbreaks of Covid-19 in supplier factories.

Insufficient workers have resulted in rising salaries and fringe benefits for foreign production workers, resulting in reduced profit margins. Retreaders have been unable to increase prices when the demand for retreads remains low and the cost of production has increased….. 

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First Unitex 轮胎复新私人有限公司 行销经理黄经豪


吉隆商用轮胎集团集团行销经理迈克∙ 赫德(Michael Hutt)










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