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The Lim Tayar Family Programme – the Better Option

LTF is the most comprehensive licensing programme that provides A to Z solutions to the business operator.

CKL Group to Share its Successful Business Model through LTF 

Nothing good comes easy. Starting your own tyre retail business requires a lot of time, work, money and resources. Rebranding a business because sales have been slow also needs a lot of thought and effort, as well as risk taking, as a successful rebranding is much more than a name change.

“You might want to consider investing in a license programme. When you do that, you are investing in an established business concept and formula that has been successful with a proven track record. Although it is not a total shortcut to success, the benefits of being a licensee are greater than the disadvantages. This is proven in statistics which shows that licensees have a higher success rate than independent start-up business, and the same goes for rebranding your business on your own,” said CKL Group Joint Managing Director Clement Lim.

CKL Group of Companies, he pointed out is a prime example of how a family business could make good use of the opportunities derived from a well thought-out and forward-thinking strategy. From a small tyre retail outlet called Lim Tayar in 1985, he said, they expanded into tyre and other related product distribution businesses. Today, the Group not only operates the Lim Tayar car servicing centre network, but is also actively involved in vocational education, real estate, automotive technology and insurance. 

“The Lim Tayar Family (LTF) Programme is our new industry programme for entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about owning and operating a reputable vehicle servicing retail-chain in a proper manner. We have demonstrated an impressive track record with our steady growth and expansion over the years, which has shown that LTF is a perfect example of a successful business model. This programme will allow us to share our successful business model and expertise with those who share the same vision with us.”

Why LTF?

The rationale behind the programme, Lim said is to make inroads into new locations where the Lim Tayar brand can contribute. 

“We believe the LTF programme is an opportunity for us to grow together with other potential businesses in the industry, as well as offering an alternative for the current independent business operators to take onboard our modern business model. We are confident that the programme is a win-win concept for our licensees, vendors and consumers,” he added.

Apart from learning about their successful business model, Lim revealed that licensees will receive valuable support and guidance throughout the life of their business. For instance, licensees will benefit from LTF’s strong seasonal marketing activities, customer loyalty and customer retention, customer service and enquiry, as well as advertising assistance that aims to help businesses increase revenue. 

In terms of operation, Tan Poh Hong, Head of Partnership said that the Group will provide all the necessary groundwork including the design, build and fit-out for a new store or the conversion of a store. Technical know-how in business and a solid supply chain that allows their licensees to leverage on the source of supply from major manufacturers are some of the advantages of joining the LTF. Best value stock-in-trade to maximise both profits and options and better deals for business-related equipment are some of the advantages LTF‘s licensees will enjoy, as well as a proven workflow plan, which will increase productivity. 

“The manpower shortage is hitting the industry, so joining LTF will secure technical training for you and your staff. Besides that, our licensees can leverage on our investment in IT and technology, with Maxis as our partner from the Point-of-Sale (POS), data information sharing and analysis, as well as for the reporting and convenient online booking system. Apart from that, there are also two optional supports – administrative and finance. The administrative support covers the business’s license, permit, payroll, accounting and certain legal aspects. As for the financial support, our licensees will stand a better opportunity to have a higher credit facility to maximise their business costs, liquidity and return.”

Leverage on Lim Tayar’s Brand Recognition and Customer Base

Tan believes LTF is the most comprehensive licensing programme that provides A to Z solutions to the business operator. “When you partner with us, you can enjoy a shortcut to business success as you are taking advantage of both our existing brand recognition and customer base. Newcomers will gain from lower start-up costs and business risks by following our proven business model and formula, while the converting licensees can leverage on our strong brand name, image and marketing activities to level-up their business revenue. Additionally, we also give you the access to retail opportunities and provide quality in-house products that are exclusively available for LTF partners.”

For a new retail store-front, Tan said it will take about 8 to 12 weeks to set up. As for conversion licensees it is estimated that within 6 to 8 weeks from signing up, they will be ready for business. However, there may be minor delays due to unforeseen external factors such as approvals from authorities.

The automotive aftermarket, Lim said is a mature yet fragmented industry in its structure and quality. With the LTF programme in place this enables the Group to provide a modern, reliable, comfortable and multi-purpose vehicle maintenance and repair solution s for the consumers.

As to whether experience in the automotive sector is compulsory, Lim argues that anyone who interested is welcome to join. However, those with automotive experience would have an added advantage.

To find out more about the LTF programme and the initial cost involved, interested candidates are encouraged to drop an email at limtayarfamily@ckl.com.my or visit www.family.limtayar.com.my.


Lim Tayar Family计划: 一个更好的选择




他指出,CKL集团公司是一个最好的例子。它展现了一个家族企业如何善用从心思缜密和前瞻性策略中衍生的商机。他说,从1985年的一家名为Lim Tayar的小小轮胎零售店,他们扩展至轮胎及其他相关产品的分销领域。今天,该集团除了经营Lim Tayar汽车服务中心网络外,还积极参与技职教育、房地产、汽车技术及保险业。

“Lim Tayar Family(LTF)是我们在这个行业里的新计划,旨在为热衷于经营信誉良好的汽车维修链门店者提供一个能以正当方式持有和经营这些门店的机会。我们以这些年来稳定的增长和扩充,展现了令人印象深刻的业绩表现,显示了LTF是成功商业模式的完美例子。这个计划,让我们能够与那些和我们拥有相同愿景的人们,分享我们的成功企业模式和专门知识。”


他说,这个计划旨在让Lim Tayar品牌能够为其他的新地点作出贡献。





利用Lim Tayar的品牌认可影响力和客户基础





要了解有关LTF计划和所涉及的初始成本的更多信息,有兴趣者可发送电子邮件至limtayarfamily@ckl.com.my 或登录www.family.limtayar.com.my


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