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Thinkcar Tech Introduces Thinktool CE EVD for Electric Vehicle


Thinkcar Tech Co, Ltd participated at the Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2023 to showcase its latest innovations.

Thinkar Tech Showcases New Products

Taking centre stage was its new Thinktool CE EVD, a new generation of intelligent diagnostics tool for electric vehicles (EVs). Shirley Chan, Overseas Marketing Manager, Overseas Marketing Department, Thinkcar Tech, was on hand to give a brief introduction of the new product.

“The CE EVD provides a comprehensive full system diagnostics and battery pack diagnostics that support 95 per cent EV brands in the market including Tesla. Equipped with the Three-In-One Thinkdiag 3 VCI, the CE EVD offers additional functionalities such as the oscilloscope function. This allows a more comprehensive diagnostic analysis and testing. The new scan tool integrates 28 different kinds of maintenance functions and comes with intelligent TPMS module to diagnose the EV’s TPMS system. Furthermore, the CE EVD adopts the latest cloud diagnose technology for EV that enables quick and accurate vehicle fault detection…..”

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星卡科技推出电动汽车适用的Thinktool CE EVD


星卡科技有限公司携其最新的创新成果,亮相2023年胡志明市国际汽配展(Automechanika Ho Chi Minh City 2023)。

占据其展台中心的是全新的新一代电动汽车 (EV) 智能诊断工具–Thinktool CE EVD。星卡科技海外销售部海外销售经理陈明,在展会现场对该公司展示的新产品做了个简要介绍。

“CE EVD提供完整的全系统诊断和电池组诊断,可支持市场上95%的电动汽车品牌,包括特斯拉(Tesla)。 CE EVD 配备三合一 Thinkdiag 3 VCI,配备示波器功能等附加功能,可提供更全面的诊断分析和测试。其新的扫描工具集成了28种不同的维护功能,并配备智能胎压监测系统(TPMS)模块来诊断电动汽车的TPMS系统。此外,CE EVD采用了最新的电动汽车云诊断技术,可以快速准确地检测车辆故障……….”


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