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TME Offers a One-stop Tyre Solution Experience

TME Tyre Solution

Port Klang-based retreader TME Tyre Retread Sdn Bhd continues to pave the way towards being a one-stop solutions provider despite the pandemic.

TME Adds Kpatos Truck Tyres to Its Product Portfolio

From a small set-up in 2017 of 11 employees, the company now has more than 50 staff. They shifted to new, larger premises in November 2019 to support the company’s business expansion and long-term growth.

TME is the exclusive distributor for the Chinese brand Hawkway and Firemax truck tyres in Malaysia for about 3 ½ and 2 years respectively. About a year ago, we added the Kpatos brand of truck tyres to our product portfolio to provide the market with more options,” said Director Edmund Teng.

Quality inconsistency, he pointed out, is the common issue faced by many Chinese tyre importers. “Manufactures that we have partnered with are good as they listened to our feedback and made improvements on their products to suit the Malaysian road conditions, weather and driving applications. Hawkway is our premium brand, while Firemax and Kpatos brands cater for price-sensitive customers……”

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董事邓书明表示:“TME是中国品牌Hawkway 和Firemax卡车轮胎的马来西亚独家经销商。我们经营这两个品牌分别有大约三年半和两年的时间。接着,我们在约一年前将Kpatos卡车轮胎品牌添加到我们的产品组合中,旨在为市场提供更多选择。”

他指出,不稳定的质量是许多中国轮胎进口商面临的共同问题。 “与我们合作的制造商都很好,因为他们听取了我们的反馈并对其产品进行了改进,以适应马来西亚的路况、天气和应用。 Hawkway是我们的优质品牌,而 Firemax 和 Kpatos 品牌则是为了迎合价格敏感客户的需求。”


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