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Toyo Tires Display NanoEnergy Van at The Tire Cologne

Toyo Tires NanoEnergy Van

Toyo Tires introduced its new van tyre- NanoEnergy Van at the Tire Cologne exhibition.

Nano Energy Van – Reliable and Economy Van Tyre

Toyo Tires brought a spread of their products to the inaugural Tire Cologne, but the main focus of their attention was paid to the NanoEnergy Van, which according to the company is a “reliable and economic van tyre.”

Available in sizes ranging from 13 up to 17 inches, the NanoEnergy Van is characterised by its shorter braking distance and enhanced handling stability for safety.

Furthermore, the tyre has improved durability through a reinforced casing that guarantees reliable service and an extended tyre life. Addedly, its lower rolling resistance means that the NanoEnergy Van consumes less fuel and lowers fuel costs.


展示“NanoEnergy Van”

东洋轮胎在第一届科隆轮胎展里展示广泛的产品,不过“NanoEnergy Van”才是他们重点展出的产品。


再者,该轮胎强化的胎体,带来改善的耐用性,可靠的服务及延长的轮胎使用寿命。它较低的滚动阻力意味着NanoEnergy Van油耗较低,降低燃油成本。

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