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Toyo Tires Joins the 2021 D1GP Series

Toyo Tires 2021 D1GP
Toyo Tire will be participating in the 2021 D1 Grand Prix Series (D1GP.) The annual drift competition will be opening at the Okuibuki Motorpark on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Toyo Tires ready for D1GP

Since 2007 Toyo Tire has been competing in D1GP, where its team, Toyo Tires Drift have won various championships. For the 2021 D1GP series, Masato Kawabata and Hidyuki Fujino have been chosen as the team drivers. The drivers and Toyo Tires Drift crew are now ready to battle through the planned 10-stage series to compete to win another championship. Continuing from last year, Kawabata will race i...

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