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Toyo Tires’ Open Country M/T Ready to Take on 23rd Asian Cross Country Rally 2018

The 23rd running of the Asian Cross Country Rally is set to pose a great challenge to Toyo Tires’ Open Country M/T tyres, which would be equipped for two major competitors in the rally that begins on 12th August.

Three times Asian Cross Country champion Nuttaphon Angritthanon is set to defend his crown in his Isuzu D-MAX, while Japanese actor Show Aikawa would be in his Toyota Land Cruiser to tackle the challenging terrain of Thailand and Cambodia. Both cars would come equipped with Toyo Tires’ Open Country M/T, designed specifically to tackle off-roading on any road surface, even rough terrain and muddy ground, with the toughness that was built from experience participating in such off-road events.

The Asian Cross Country Rally is Asia’s largest international rally competition, on the same standing as the world famous Dakar Rally. Held in August every year since 1996, it comprises some 2,200km of gruelling driving under Moto/Quad, Sidecar and Auto classes. The rally has been held in regions that typify the local road surfaces, nature and climate in Asia, such as mountainous, jungle, coastal and plantation regions as well as circuits. This year, the 23rd competition would start in Pattaya, the beach resort in the Kingdom of Thailand, on Sunday, 12th August and finish in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, on Saturday, 18th August.

Toyo Tires is committed to providing high quality tyres for consumers and the participation in races such as the 23rd Asian Cross Country Rally 2018 serves as a testament to Toyo’s dedication.


东洋Open Country M/T轮胎

备战第23届亚洲 越野拉力赛


第23届亚洲越野拉力赛将挑战东洋轮胎的Open Coutry M/T 轮胎。此款轮胎将被分别安装在该拉力赛的两名竞争车手的汽车上。 

三次亚洲越野拉力赛冠军车手Nuttaphon Angritthanon已准备就绪,以它的五十铃D-Max战车捍卫他的冠军头衔,而日本演员Show Aikawa则将以丰田Land Cruiser面迎泰国和柬埔寨充满挑战性的地形。这两辆车将安装上东洋轮胎的Open Coutnry M/T轮胎,一款从越野竞赛汲取经验制成,坚固,能够驾驭各种越野表层,不论是崎岖路面或泥地都能操纵自如的越野轮胎。 



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