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Toyo Tires Unveils Proxes Sport 2

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Toyo Tires) unveiled the new Proxes Sport 2 recently.

Toyo Proxes Sport 2 for ‘Unmatched Performance’ and ‘Safety’

To celebrate the launch, the company brought tyre dealers and the media to Resorts World Awana, Genting Highlands to experience the product by allowing them to get behind the wheel.

Designed with the latest tyre technology, the new tyre caters to a wide range of driving enthusiasts, ensuring exceptional performance, safety and durability.

According to Toyo Tires, the two ‘excellent’ features that set the new Proxes Sport 2 tyre apart from its predecessor are the precise handling quality and exceptional wet grip. The tyre’s precise handling performance enables drivers to navigate corners with ease while its exceptional wet grip provides ‘superior’ traction on wet roads, ensuring maximum safety and stability even in challenging weather conditions.

Featuring a unique asymmetrical design pattern optimised for wet and dry conditions, the company claimed that the tyre’s advanced asymmetric tread compound ensured precise handling cornering stability and improved wet traction.

“The Proxes Sport 2 is optimised for high torque powertrains to deliver an exciting drive for all sports drivers. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are confident that this series of tyres would quickly become a top choice for drivers seeking an ultra-high-performance tyre,” said Tan Song Chye, President/Managing Director of Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia.

In addition to its ground-breaking performance, the Proxes Sport 2 is built with advanced materials that improve performance. The tyres were crafted with a ‘perfect compound’ to provide drivers with a balanced grip for a comfortable and safe driving experience. 

To experience the performance of the Proxes Sport 2, three cars – BMW 3 Series sedan, Mercedes-Benz C200 and Lexus IS 300 – were used for the wet performance braking test and a short slalom to highlight the new tyre’s handling and grip capabilities.

Available in 31 sizes, the Proxes Sport 2 accommodates a wide range of vehicles, from the C-segment (including the compact executive segment) to F-segment cars. Malaysian customers could purchase the Proxes Sport 2 at any of the Toyo Centres with prices ranging from RM700 to RM1,300 per tyre.

The media also had the opportunity to check out the performance of the recently-launched Open Country A/T III (OPA/T3) tyre through a short off-road course. This all-terrain tyre features increased lateral grooves for improved off-road traction, even in challenging conditions. This versatile tyre is designed to handle on- and off-road adventures, catering to various driving preferences. Incorporating Toyo‘s proprietary T-Mode technology and Nano Balance technology, the tyre offers a balance between comfort and performance. It is available in 14 sizes with prices ranging from RM500 to RM1,200.

Toyo Tires is in Malaysia under the name of Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of the Toyo Tire Corporation, Japan.


东洋轮胎推出 Proxes Sport 2


东洋轮胎销售及行销马来西亚有限公司(东洋轮胎)最近推出了新款 Proxes Sport 2为了庆祝新品的发布,该公司邀请轮胎代理商和媒体来到位于云顶高原的阿瓦娜世界度假酒店(Resorts World Awana亲自测试和体验该产品。 


据东洋轮胎表示,Proxes Sport 2 轮胎的两项优异功能,使它超越该系列先前的轮胎:精准的操控性能和优越的湿地抓地力。该轮胎的精确操控让驾驶员轻松通过弯道,而其优越的湿地抓地力功能则提升了轮胎在湿路上的牵引力,即使在恶劣的环境下也能确保最佳的安全性和稳定性。


马来西亚东洋轮胎销售及行销总裁兼常务董事陈泩再表示:“Proxes Sport 2轮胎针对汽车的高转矩动力系统进行了优化,为所有运动型驾驶员提供良好的驾驶体验。同时,凭借着对创新和卓越品质的承诺,我们相信这款轮胎将很快成为寻求超高性能轮胎驾驶员的首选。

除了突破性的性能,Proxes Sport 2还通过使用先进的材料来提高轮胎性能。据该公司表示,这款采用完美复合胶料制成的轮胎,可为驾驶员提供平衡的抓地力,带来舒适和安全的驾驶体验。

为了让参与者体验 Proxes Sport 2 的性能,该公司安排了三辆汽车,分别为宝马 3 系轿车、奔驰 C200 和雷克萨斯IS 300,进行湿地制动性能和短距离绕桩(short slalom)测试来突显新轮胎的操控和抓地能力。

Proxes Sport 2推出31款不同的规格,并适用于从C 级包括紧凑型汽车至F级的车款。马来西亚客户可以在任何东洋授权代理商中心购买Proxes Sport 2轮胎,其零售价取决于轮胎尺寸和,价格从700至1,300令吉不等。

媒体还有机会在短程越野活动中测试近期推出的Open Country A/T IIIOPA/T3)轮胎的性能。这款全地形轮胎具有增多的横向胎沟,即使是在具挑战性的路面上,也可加强了轮胎的越野牵引力。这款多功能的轮胎设计旨在应对公路和越野驾驶,满足各种驾驶偏好。更值得一提的是该轮胎结合了东洋专有的T-Mode Nano Balance技术,在舒适性和性能之间取得了平衡。它推出14 种可供选择的尺寸,价格从500 1,200令吉不等。结合了东洋品牌专有的T-Mode 和纳米平衡(Nano Balance)技术,该轮胎在达到最佳舒适性的同时也展示了卓越的越野表现。Open Country A/T III推出了14 种不同的轮胎,每条轮胎的零售价取决于轮胎尺寸,价格从500至1,200令吉不等。






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