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Toyo Tyre Awarded Best Performing Overall Vendor 2017

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia was recognised with a special award from Isuzu Hicom Malaysia Sdn Bhd in conjunction with Isuzu’s Annual Vendor Convention in Kuantan recently.

The award was in recognition of Toyo’s overall performance as a supplier to Isuzu in 2017. Toyo is one of the two tyre suppliers of Isuzu’s D-Max pickup truck, which is equipped with Toyo Open Country A33 tyres. It is seen as a testament of the company’s high quality tyres for both OE (Original Equipment) and Replacement markets – which meets the performance, durability and efficiency requirements demanded by discerning vehicle owners today.





该奖项认可东洋在2017年作为该公司供应商的整体表现。五十铃D-Max皮卡的轮胎供应商有两家,而东洋是其中一家,他们所供应的轮胎款型为东洋Open Country A33 轮胎。该奖证明东洋的优质轮胎,可迎合现今原装配备和替换市场里有识别能力的车主对性能、耐用性及效率的需求。

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