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TRMAM Analyses the Opportunities and Challenges for the Malaysian Retreading Sector

TRMAM Malaysian Retreading

Mohd. Azhar Mohd. Wazir, the President of TRMAM, shared about the latest development in the Malaysian Retread sector recently with Retreading Business.

Exclusive Interview: TRMAM President Mohd.Azhar Mohd. Wazir

Mohd. Azhar Mohd. Wazir is the President of TRMAM, the Tyre Retreading Manufacturers Association of Malaysia, as well as General Manager of Kit Loong Tire Management. We managed to catch up with him recently to talk about the latest developments in the Malaysian retread sector and to analyse how the industry in the South-East Asian country was dealing with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

According to Azhar, the Malaysian retreading industry has generally had a difficult time of it during the Covid-19 crisis, especially during the first MCO (Movement Control Order) when retreaders were unable to operate. This caused substantial cash flow issues for many operators, and despite a recovery following the second MCO, productivity remained affected due to government restrictions. Retreaders were also affected by increased raw materials and casing costs as well as by a general reduction in traffic movements, which has caused an overall slowdown in the market. Now, with cases on the rise, and a new lockdown implemented, hopes rest on a ramping up of the vaccination programme.

“All of these factors have meant that the retreading industry is seriously fighting at the moment,” says Azhar. “The balance between opportunities and challenges is currently mixed. There are a lot of Chinese new tyres coming into the market, but there is a counter-opportunity arising from the fact that imports are expensive due to shipment costs. Transporters are looking at reducing costs, so some transporters are looking more closely at retreading – so there is an opportunity……”

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阿兹哈(Mohd. Azhar Mohd. Wazir)是马来西亚轮胎翻新厂商公会(TRMAM) 的主席,也是吉隆轮胎管理公司的总经理。我们最近联络上他,并与他探讨马来西亚翻新行业的最新发展和分析这个东南亚国家的行业,如何应对冠病大流行带来的挑战。


“所有的因素都意味着翻新业目前正在认真‘作战’。”阿兹哈说。 “目前机遇与挑战之间的平衡喜忧参半。有很多中国新轮胎进入市场,但由于运输成本,进口价格昂贵,因此存在着一个逆向机会。运输商正在考虑降低成本,有些运输商正在密切地关注翻新——所以这是个机00会…….”


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